Original textModern textKey line
I, my good Lord.Ay, my good lord.WT I.ii.120.2
Yes, if you will (my Lord.)Yes, if you will, my lord.WT I.ii.127.2
No (my Lord) Ile fight.No, my lord, I'll fight.WT I.ii.162
I am like you say.I am like you, they say.WT I.ii.208.1
No, Ile none of you.No, I'll none of you.WT II.i.3.2
You'le kisse me hard, and speake to me, as ifYou'll kiss me hard, and speak to me as ifWT II.i.5
I were a Baby still. I loue you better.I were a baby still. – I love you better.WT II.i.6
Not for becauseNot for becauseWT II.i.7.2
Your Browes are blacker (yet black-browes they sayYour brows are blacker; yet black brows, they say,WT II.i.8
Become some Women best, so that there be notBecome some women best, so that there be notWT II.i.9
Too much haire there, but in a Cemicircle,Too much hair there, but in a semicircle,WT II.i.10
Or a halfe-Moone, made with a Pen.)Or a half-moon, made with a pen.WT II.i11.1
I learn'd it out of Womens faces: pray now,I learned it out of women's faces. Pray now,WT II.i.12
What colour are your eye-browes?What colour are your eyebrows?WT II.i.13.1
Nay, that's a mock: I haue seene a Ladies NoseNay, that's a mock. I have seen a lady's noseWT II.i.14
That ha's beene blew, but not her eye-browes.That has been blue, but not her eyebrows.WT II.i.15.1
Merry, or sad, shal't be?Merry or sad shall't be?WT II.i.23.2
A sad Tale's best for Winter: / I haue one A sad tale's best for winter. I have oneWT II.i.25
of Sprights, and Goblins.Of sprites and goblins.WT II.i.26.1
There was a man.There was a man – WT II.i.29.1
Dwelt by a Church-yard: I will tell it softly,Dwelt by a churchyard – I will tell it softly:WT II.i.30
Yond Crickets shall not heare it.Yond crickets shall not hear it.WT II.i.31.1