Original textModern textKey line
Her distraction is more at some time of the Moone,Her distraction is more at some time of the moonTNK IV.iii.1
Then at other some, is it not?than at other some, is it not?TNK IV.iii.2
What stuff's here? pore soule.What stuff's here! Poor soul.TNK IV.iii.17
How prettily she's amisse? note her a littleHow prettily she's amiss! Note her a littleTNK IV.iii.27
further.further.TNK IV.iii.28
How her braine coynes?How her brain coins!TNK IV.iii.39
How she continues this fancie? Tis not anHow she continues this fancy! 'Tis not anTNK IV.iii.47
engraffed / Madnesse, but a most thicke, and profoundengraffed madness, but a most thick and profoundTNK IV.iii.48
mellencholly.melancholy.TNK IV.iii.49
I think she has a perturbed minde, which I cannotI think she has a perturbed mind, which I cannotTNK IV.iii.58
minister to.minister to.TNK IV.iii.59
Vnderstand you, she ever affected any man, ereUnderstand you she ever affected any man ereTNK IV.iii.61
She beheld Palamon?she beheld Palamon?TNK IV.iii.62
That intemprat surfeit of her eye, hathThat intemperate surfeit of her eye hathTNK IV.iii.69
distemperd the / Other sences, they may returne and settledistempered the other senses; they may return and settleTNK IV.iii.70
againe to / Execute their preordaind faculties, but theyagain to execute their preordained faculties, but theyTNK IV.iii.71
are / Now in a most extravagant vagary. This you / Mustare now in a most extravagant vagary. This you mustTNK IV.iii.72
doe, Confine her to a place, where the light / May ratherdo: confine her to a place where the light may ratherTNK IV.iii.73
seeme to steale in, then be permitted; take / Vpon youseem to steal in than be permitted; take upon you,TNK IV.iii.74
(yong Sir her friend) the name of / Palamon, say youyoung sir her friend, the name of Palamon; say youTNK IV.iii.75
come to eate with her, and to / Commune of Love; this willcome to eat with her and to commune of love. This willTNK IV.iii.76
catch her attention, for / This her minde beates upon; othercatch her attention, for this her mind beats upon; otherTNK IV.iii.77
objects that are / Inserted tweene her minde and eye,objects that are inserted 'tween her mind and eyeTNK IV.iii.78
become the prankes / And friskins of her madnes; Singbecome the pranks and friskins of her madness. SingTNK IV.iii.79
to her, such greene / Songs of Love, as she sayes Palamonto her such green songs of love as she says PalamonTNK IV.iii.80
hath sung in / Prison; Come to her, stucke in as sweethath sung in prison; come to her stuck in as sweetTNK IV.iii.81
flowers, as the / Season is mistres of, and thereto makeflowers as the season is mistress of, and thereto makeTNK IV.iii.82
an addition of / Som other compounded odours, whichan addition of some other compounded odours, whichTNK IV.iii.83
are grateful to the / Sence: all this shall become Palamon,are grateful to the sense. All this shall become Palamon,TNK IV.iii.84
for Palamon can / Sing, and Palamon is sweet, and ev'ryfor Palamon can sing, and Palamon is sweet and everyTNK IV.iii.85
good thing, desire / To eate with her, crave her, drinke togood thing. Desire to eat with her, carve her, drink toTNK IV.iii.86
her, and still / Among, intermingle your petition of graceher, and still among intermingle your petition of graceTNK IV.iii.87
and acceptance / Into her favour: Learne what Maides haveand acceptance into her favour. Learn what maids haveTNK IV.iii.88
beene her / Companions, and play-pheeres, and let them repairebeen her companions and playferes, and let them repairTNK IV.iii.89
to / Her with Palamon in their mouthes, and appeare withto her with Palamon in their mouths, and appear withTNK IV.iii.90
/ Tokens, as if they suggested for him, It is a falsehoodtokens, as if they suggested for him. It is a falsehoodTNK IV.iii.91
/ She is in, which is with fasehoods to be combated. / Thisshe is in, which is with falsehoods to be combated. ThisTNK IV.iii.92
may bring her to eate, to sleepe, and reduce what's / Nowmay bring her to eat, to sleep, and reduce what's nowTNK IV.iii.93
out of square in her, into their former law, and / Regiment;out of square in her into their former law and regiment.TNK IV.iii.94
I have seene it approved, how many times / I know not,I have seen it approved, how many times I know not,TNK IV.iii.95
but to make the number more, I have / Great hope in this.but to make the number more I have great hope in this.TNK IV.iii.96
I will betweene the passages of / This project, come inI will between the passages of this project come inTNK IV.iii.97
with my applyance: Let us / Put it in execution; andwith my appliance. Let us put it in execution, andTNK IV.iii.98
hasten the successe, which doubt not / Will bring forthhasten the success, which doubt not will bring forthTNK IV.iii.99
comfort.comfort.TNK IV.iii.100
Has this advice I told you, done any good upon her?Has this advice I told you done any good upon her?TNK V.ii.1
Twas well done; twentie times had bin far better,'Twas well done; twenty times had been far better,TNK V.ii.7
For there the cure lies mainely.For there the cure lies mainly.TNK V.ii.8.1
Let her doe so,Let her do so,TNK V.ii.10.2
And when your fit comes, fit her home, / And presently.And when your fit comes, fit her home, and presently.TNK V.ii.11
You did so?You did so?TNK V.ii.12.2
Twas very ill done then,'Twas very ill done, then;TNK V.ii.12.4
You should observe her ev'ry way.You should observe her every way.TNK V.ii.13.1
That's all one, if yee make a noyse,That's all one, if ye make a noise.TNK V.ii.15
If she intreate againe, doe any thing,If she entreat again, do anything;TNK V.ii.16
Lye with her if she aske you.Lie with her if she ask you.TNK V.ii.17.1
Yes in the waie of cure.Yes, in the way of cure.TNK V.ii.18.1
That's but a nicenesse,That's but a niceness.TNK V.ii.19.2
Nev'r cast your child away for honestie;Ne'er cast your child away for honesty;TNK V.ii.20
Cure her first this way, then if shee will be honest,Cure her first this way, then if she will be honest,TNK V.ii.21
She has the path before her.She has the path before her.TNK V.ii.22.1
Pray bring her in / And let's see how shee is.Pray bring her in and let's see how she is.TNK V.ii.23
Goe, goe:Go, go.TNK V.ii.25.2
you Fathers are fine Fooles: her honesty?You fathers are fine fools! Her honesty?TNK V.ii.26
And we should give her physicke till we finde that:An we should give her physic till we find that – TNK V.ii.27
How old is she?How old is she?TNK V.ii.29.1
She may be,She may be – TNK V.ii.29.3
But that's all one, tis nothing to our purpose,But that's all one, 'tis nothing to our purpose.TNK V.ii.30
What ere her Father saies, if you perceaveWhate'er her father says, if you perceiveTNK V.ii.31
Her moode inclining that way that I spoke ofHer mood inclining that way that I spoke of,TNK V.ii.32
Videlicet, the way of flesh, you have me.Videlicet, the way of flesh – you have me?TNK V.ii.33
Please her appetitePlease her appetite,TNK V.ii.34.2
And doe it home, it cures her ipso facto,And do it home; it cures her ipso factoTNK V.ii.35
The mellencholly humour that infects her.The melancholy humour that infects her.TNK V.ii.36
You'l finde it so; she comes, pray honour her.You'll find it so. She comes; pray humour her.TNK V.ii.38
What stuffe she utters?What stuff she utters!TNK V.ii.66
Why a daies Iorney wench.Why, a day's journey, wench.TNK V.ii.71.1
Yes sweetheart,Yes, sweetheart,TNK V.ii.88.2
And I am glad my Cosen PalamonAnd I am glad my cousin PalamonTNK V.ii.89
Has made so faire a choice.Has made so fair a choice.TNK V.ii.90.1
Yes without doubt.Yes, without doubt.TNK V.ii.91.1
Nay wee'l goe with you,Nay, we'll go with you.TNK V.ii.100.2
I will not loose the Fight.I will not lose the fight.TNK V.ii.101.1
Ile warrant you within these 3. or 4 daiesI'll warrant you, within these three or four daysTNK V.ii.102
Ile make her right againe. You must not from herI'll make her right again. (To Wooer) You must not from her,TNK V.ii.103
But still preserve her in this way.But still preserve her in this way.TNK V.ii.104.1
Lets get her in.Let's get her in.TNK V.ii.105.1
Take her offer.Take her offer.TNK V.ii.108.2