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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry VH5 V.ii.216Your majestee 'ave fausse French enough toYour Maiestee aue fause Frenche enough to
King Edward IIIE3 I.i.164When Ave, Caesar! they pronounce aloud. When Aue Casar they pronounce alowd;


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acontracted form of ‘have
admitconsent to keep company with, have to do with
affectionhave affection for, love
affordhave to offer, be capable of supplying
affyhave faith, place trust
after-debtunpaid bill after goods have been received, outstanding debt
after-losslater blow, knock given after others have been suffered
aleale-house, tavern
aloneleave it to [one], you can rely on [one]
alonepay no attention to [one], have nothing to do with [one]
anatomybody, cadaver, corpse
Anchises[an'kiyseez] father of Aeneas, who saves him from blazing Troy by carrying him out of the city on his shoulders
antrecave, cavern
appearpresent oneself as, have the character of
araiseraise from the dead, awake from the grave
Ariachne[pron: ari'aknee] weaver from Lydia, who challenged Athene to a contest; when Ariachne’s work was seen to be superior, Athene destroyed it, and Ariachne hanged herself; Athene saved her, but changed her into a spider; also known as Arachne
associatecompanion, fellow-traveller
assuresettle, convey, leave [to]
astronomicalastrological, interpreting the heavens
Atlasgiant, sentenced by Zeus to carry the heavens on his shoulders for taking part in the struggle against the gods
aveacclamation, ovation, welcoming shout
Ave-Marie[of a rosary] Hail Mary
averprovide, furnish, affirm
avertredirect, turn away
avoidleave, quit, clear out [of]
axletree, axle-treepivot, spindle, axis [around which the heavenly bodies revolve]
bareshave, trim
bateomit, lose, leave out
bateexcept, omit, leave out of consideration
bearbehave, look, conduct [oneself]
bearleave, sail away
bearbe endowed with, have, possess
beavervisor of a helmet, face-guard
bereavetake away [from], deprive, deny, rob
bereaveplunder, ravage, devastate
bereaveddeprived, robbed, stolen
betakeresort, have recourse, commit oneself
bethinkresolve, decide, have a mind
betterexcel, outstrip, have an advantage over
bewaretake care of, have a care for
blowfeel the wind [we leave behind], run to keep up [with us]
bogglerwaverer, vacillator, mind-changer
boldenedemboldened, made brave
bondmaidslave girl
bondmanbondsman, serf, slave
bondslaveslave, bondsman, person in a condition of servitude
bornebehaved, conducted, mannered
boughsleaves, foliage
boyservant, slave, menial
bravefine, excellent, splendid, impressive
braveboast, bravado, blustering threat
bravechallenge, defy, confront, provoke
bravedefiant, insolent, impudent
braveaudacious, daring, bold
bravemake splendid, adorn, brighten up
braveswagger, act boastfully, show off
bravenoble, worthy, excellent
bravelyshowily, with great display, with a fine flourish
bravelysplendidly, worthily, excellently
bravelyin fine clothes, splendidly dressed
braverydisplay, manifestation, extravagance
braveryfinery, fine clothes, rich dress
braverysplendour, fine display, ostentation
braverydefiant character, threatening appearance
braverybravado, show of daring, swaggering display
breachsurf, breaking waves
bringrescue, save, deliver
bringtavern call for food and drink
burialgrave, tomb, burial chamber
bushtavern sign-board, advertisement
cabinden, hole, cave
canbe skilled [in], have ability [in]
cankergrub that destroys plant buds and leaves, cankerworm, parasite
carry it (away)[from a falconry term ‘to fly away with the game’] win the day, have the advantage, succeed
cavelive in caves
cave-keepingcave-dwelling; living in darkness
caveto[summarizing a piece of advice] beware, take care
cerementswaxed shroud, grave-clothes, winding sheet
chancewhat may have happened, conceivability, possibility
changelingwaverer, turncoat, fickle thing
characterinscribe, engrave, write
cherubincelestial being, heavenly beauty
choose, cannothave no alternative, cannot do otherwise
civilseemly, decent, well-behaved
cleavestick, adhere
cleave the pin[archery] split the peg in the middle of a target
cleave tocling to, adhere to, obey
co-actbehave together, carry on
coasttravel along the coast
coistrelgroom, low fellow, knave
colthave sexual intercourse
comeleave the field of combat, disengage
comecome away, leave
comforthave pity on, console, relieve
commandhave at one's disposal, be entrusted with
commonaverage, usual, general, ordinary
commoncommonplace, ordinary, average
compassgo round with, travel about with; or: obtain, lay hold of
compassionhave compassion on, pity, be sorry for
concavehollow, empty
concavehollowed out, overhanging
concavityconcave quality, curvature, hollowness
congeetake ceremonious leave of, pay formal respects upon departure
conjunctionapparent coming together of heavenly bodies as seen from Earth
cony-catchingrabbit-catching; trickery, evasion, knavery
copeencounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
copesky, heavens, firmament
coystrillgroom, low fellow, knave
cravewish to know, solicit
craveneed, demand, require
cravebeg, entreat, request
cravencowardly, spineless, weak-hearted
cravenmake cowardly, make timorous
craven[cock-fighting] cock that shows no fighting spirit
craverbeggar, asker, supplicant
creditbelieve, trust, have faith in
Creon[pron: 'krayon] king of Thebes who gave orders that any who died attacking Thebes should be left unburied
crisprippling, undulating, curling with waves
cropbear a crop, have a child
cub-drawndrained of milk by cubs, ravenous
cuttercarver, sculptor, engraver
DaintryDaventry, town W of Northampton
dallytrifle, behave mockingly
Daphnenymph loved by Apollo; chased by the god, she was saved by being turned into a laurel, which became Apollo's sacred tree
deaddeadly, dire, grave
dealproceed, behave, conduct oneself
dealhave dealings, have to do
debosheddebauched, corrupted, depraved
deboyseddebauched, corrupted, depraved
deepdeadly, grave, mortal
delver[grave]digger, excavator
demeanbehave, conduct, comport [oneself]
demuregrave, serious, sober, solemn
departdeparture, departing, leave-taking
departseparate, part company, take leave of one another
dependhave consequences for, menace, hover over
depravedefame, disparage, deride
depravedslandered, disparaged, defamed
diapasonharmony an octave below
dinehave lunch
dischargedismissal, permission to leave
discoveryexploration, travel
disedgetake the edge off, have appetite satisfied
dismissiondischarge from service, permission to leave
dispatch, despatchdismissal, leave to go
dispensehave done with, do away with, forgo
displayact, behave, carry on
distastedislike, not relish, be averse to
distastefulshowing dislike, displaying aversion
divideshare, participate, have a portion
domesticservant, slave
dotebecome deranged, behave foolishly
doubtsuspect, have suspicions about, fear
dravedrove [past tense of ‘drive’]
dravedrove [past form of 'drive']
drudgeslave, serf, lackey
ebbedout-of-power, whose fortunes have waned
elementair, sky, heavens
Elysiummythological location of heaven
encavehide away, conceal
enfetteredplaced in fetters, enchained, enslaved
enjoypossess, have, own
enpatronmake a patron of, have under one's patronage
enshelteredwithin shelter, in a safe haven
enskiedplaced in heaven
enthralledenslaved, made captive
entitle, intitlehave a rightful claim [to]
entitule, intitulehave a rightful claim, furnish with a title
et opusand I have completed a work that neither the anger of Jove nor fire
evensteady, steadfast, unwavering
evitateavoid, avert, get away from
favourpardon, leave, kind indulgence
fazedfrayed, unravelled, tattered
fetchrescue, save, deliver
flap-dragons[game of bravado] snap-dragons: small burning objects floating on liquor, which have to be avoided while drinking; or: edible objects floating on burning liquor, to be seized and eaten
fleet[of souls] leave, pass away, fly off
floodsea, deep, waves, rushing water
flotesea, waves
flourishwave, brandish, shake about
flowmove, travel, run
flyleave, run away [from], flee
foot-landrakerroaming footpad, highwayman who travels on foot
foragementforaging act, scavenging
forbearleave alone, avoid, stay away [from]
forbearcontrol oneself, have patience [for]
forbearwithdraw, leave, give way
foreknowknow in advance, have previous knowledge
forgetbehave inappropriately, lose sight of one's position
forsakeleave, depart [from]
furnishendow, equip, have qualities
givecease, leave the area
givedesert, leave, abandon
givecease, finish, leave off
glancetouch, have an impact
glibsmooth, suave, oily
gowalk, travel on foot
gocopulate, have sexual intercourse
God-a-mercyexclamation of thanks, applause, surprise, etc [God have mercy]
graciousgood, virtuous, well-behaved
graverespected, revered, wise
graveentomb, bury, inter
graveimportant, dignified, serious
gravedeadly, destructive, baneful
graveengrave, inscribe [in], cut into
grave(plural) greave, leg armour
grave-beseemingsuitably dignified, sober-looking
gravedfurrowed, engraved [with lines]
gravedgraven, carved, engraved
gravelstones, deposits
gravelledperplexed, at a loss, stumped
gravenengraved, inscribed, sculpted
grievousheavy, grave, serious
hacontracted form of ‘have
hadst2nd person singular, past tense of 'have'
haltinghesitation, wavering, faltering
haltingwavering, dilatory, shifting
handlay hands on, handle, have to do with
hangleave hold, stop clinging
harbourageshelter, refuge, haven
HarfordwestHaverfordwest; town in Pembrokeshire, SW Wales
hast2nd person singular, present tense of 'have'
hath3rd person singular, present tense of 'have'
havelet's follow
haveunderstand, grasp, comprehend
have[in expressions]
haveI'll join you, I'll be with you
have[said at the start of a fencing attack or other confrontation] I come at, let me at [a person]
havelet's face, let's see
haveput an end to, stop
havelet's try it, let's have a go at it
havetake, convey; or: have to do [with]
havebe given
havelet's go at it, let's renew the fight
haveI'll move forward to, I'll go onwards to
have[to someone] expression initiating a mock-hostile exchange
have [said at the start of a confrontation or attack; more usually: have at] I come
havenharbour, port
haverpossessor, holder, displayer
heavedeep sigh, heaving [of the chest]
heaveraise, lift up
heavethrow, toss, cast
heaveraise, lift up
heaved-upraised, lifted up
heavenlybeautiful, delightful, sublime
heavenlydivine, celestial
heavens[covering over the rear of a stage] sky
heavenspowers above, will of heaven
heavygrave, serious, weighty
Hectorson of Priam, married to Andromache; the bravest Trojan, who led out their army to battle
Hecubawife of Priam, King of Troy, and mother of 18 children; after the Greeks took Troy, she saw her sons and her husband killed, and was sent into slavery.
high-engenderedcoming from the heavens, brought into being from above
hoiseheave up, remove by force
houseinn, tavern
house[astrology] heavenly domain [one of twelve divisions of the zodiac]
hoveringwavering, hesitating, uncertain
ill-weavedpoorly woven
impressimprint, engrave, stamp [as by a seal]
indifferencyordinariness, average character
indifferentaverage, ordinary, typical
inevitableunavoidable, unable to be averted
insculpcarve, engrave
insinuatebehave subtly, follow an indirect route
integerthe one upright of life and unstained by crime does not need the javelins or the bow of the Moor
interlaceinsert, introduce, weave into a design
intitlehave a rightful claim [to]
Io[pron: 'eeoh] daughter of river-god Inachus, loved by Zeus, who turned her into a heifer to save her from the jealousy of Zeus’ wife, Hera
Jackjack-in-office, ill-mannered fellow, lout, knave
Jack-saucesaucy knave, impudent fellow
Jack-slaveknavish slave, villainous fellow
journey-batedweakened by travel, tired-out
juggleplay conjuring tricks; have sex
Jupiter, JoveRoman supreme god; associated with the heavens and the weather, especially thunder and lightning; husband of Juno
keepplay fair over, behave honourably over, have a proper regard to
knaveboy, lad, fellow
knavescoundrel, rascal, rogue
knaveservant, menial, lackey
knaverytreachery, trap, trickery
knaveryroguish trick, rouguery, trickery
knaveryshowy adornment, trumpery, ornamentation
knowunravel, get to understand
knowhave sexual knowledge of, have intercourse with
lack-lustresombre, solemn, grave
latticelattice-work, criss-cross adornment; also: tavern symbol
lavewash, bathe, soak
leavecease, stop, give up
leavepass by, go past
leaveabandon, forsake, relinquish
leaveleave-taking, permission to depart
leavegive up, abandon, leave alone
leavepart with, lose, forsake
leavepermitting, allowance, availability
leavespare, leave alive
leavebreak off, stop, interrupt oneself
leave[in discourse expressions] permission
leaven[baking] fermenting element, infusing mixture, adulteration
leavenedcarefully considered, well-thought-out
leaveningprocess of fermentation in dough
letleave it to [one], you can rely on [one]
leveScottish pronunciation of 'leave'
levelaim for, have as a target
libertypermission, leave, consent
limbo patrumlimbo [temporary home of departed spirits between heaven and hell] of the fathers: gaol, imprisonment
looploophole, opening, avenue
Machiavel[pron: 'machiavel] master of intrigue, political schemer; Machiavelli was a 16th-c Italian political theorist
madcapreckless, impulsive, wildly behaved
magnimaster of the great heavens, do you so calmly hear crimes, so calmly see them
mailwallet, pouch, travel bag
makedo, have to do
manlyheroically, bravely, gallantly
martialwarlike, valiant, brave
masterown, possess, have at one's disposal
meanintend for, have in mind for
meanaverage, moderate, middling
measurepass through, travel over, traverse
measureretrace, travel back, cover the distance
mendamend, save [in emphatic expressions]
middle earthearth, seen as midway between heaven and hell
mindintend, have a mind
misdemeanbehave improperly, misconduct
misdoubtdistrust, suspect, have misgivings about
misgivehave misgivings, have a bad feeling
mishavedbadly behaved
misthinkthink ill of, have a bad opinion about
mountebankitinerant quack, travelling drug-seller, charlatan
nave[of wheels] hub, pivot
navelvery heart, nerve centre
necessariestravelling necessities, personal luggage
Nero[pron: 'neeroh] Roman emperor, 1st-c, who slew his mother, Agrippina; said to have played on his lute while watching Rome burn; considered a model of cruelty
Nessuscentaur, shot by Hercules for attempting to rape Deianeira; Nessus gave her a poisonous liquid disguised as a love-potion, causing Hercules' death when he wore a shirt dipped in it
Nicholas, Saintin Christian tradition, the patron saint of travellers and scholars
none of you, willhave nothing to do with
oakcrown of oak leaves [awarded to a victorious soldier]
occupyfornicate, have sexual dealings [with]
orbsphere, planet, star, heavenly body
outbravesurpass in bravery, outdo in daring
outbraveoutdo in beauty, excel in splendour
outdareovercome by daring, outbrave
outdaredovercome by daring, cowed, outbraved; or: excessively daring, brazen, unabashed
outparamourhave more lovers than
overgotravel through, pass over, traverse
overleavenleaven too much, pervade, imbue to excess
owehave in store for, hold towards
oweown, possess, have
partdepart [from], leave, quit
partcleave, break, tear
partdepart, leave
partingdeparture, leave-taking, setting out
passpass through, traverse
passagejourney, travelling, wandering
passengerwayfarer, traveller, passer-by
passportlicence given to an inmate of an institution to travel abroad as a beggar
patchfool, clown; rogue, knave
patcheryroguery, knavery, tricks
patienceleave, permission, indulgence
pavedwith a paved base, pebbled
pavementpaved surface, thoroughfare
peace-partedwho have departed this life in peace
peeledtonsured, shaven, bald
pentconfined without food, ravenous
pertainbelong, have a right
phantasimeone full of fancies, extravagantly behaved individual
possesshave your way, go for it
posterfast traveller, speedy rover
praveWelsh pronunciation of 'brave'
prevailsucceed in seduction, have one's way [in a sexual encounter]
princebehave like a prince, act royally
privedbereaved, deprived of loved ones
proceedbehave, pursue a course, conduct oneself
proh[Latin] O God! Heaven help me!
Prometheusone of the Titan gods, who stole fire from heaven to help mankind, and was punished by being chained to a rock
promisehave an engagement elsewhere
propendincline, be disposed, have a propensity
proudcourageous, valiant, brave
pur[debated meaning] knave in a type of card game [post and pair]
putgo to work, have sex
putset out [from], leave
putkeep away, avert, evade
puttockkite; greedy scavenger
Qu'ai-jewhat have I forgotten?
quitavenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
ragerave, show signs of madness
railrant, rave, be abusive [about]
ravelunravel, disentangle, make clear
ravelbecome entangled, get confused
ravelledtangled, confused, jumbled up
ravenfeed ravenously on, devour voraciously
ravenfeed ravenously on, devour voraciously
ravenousrapacious, predatory, insatiable
ravingobble ravenously, devour voraciously
ravinravenous, starving, devouring
reaverob, deprive
recreantcowardly, faint-hearted, craven
red-lattice[sign of a] tavern, ale-house
reelwaver, become unsteady, turn suddenly
reftpast form of 'reave'
regionair, sky, heavens
reignhave power, exercise influence
relishhave a flavour [of], taste, savour
rendezvousrefuge, retreat, haven
requiteavenge, pay back, take vengeance on
respectscruple about, have qualms about
respectvalue, have regard for, prize
respitesave, prolong, grant
restorehave one's titles returned, reinstate
riftsplit, cleave, rend apart
rivesplit, rend, cleave
roadperiod of travel, stage
roarerroaring wave, thundering breaker
rondureroundness; sphere of the earth and the accompanying heavens
runfollow a course, behave
sa'Irish pronunciation of 'save'
sadserious, grave, solemn
sad-eyed, sad-facedgrave-looking
sadlyseriously, gravely, solemnly
sagesolemn, grave, dignified
saintedmade a saint, from heaven
saveprotect, make safe
saveprevent, avoid, avert
savekeep, preserve, maintain
saveexcept (that), were it not that
savespare, allow to live
savepreserve from damnation, bring salvation to [in emphatic expressions]
scoretavern bill, alehouse tally
seasickweary of sea travel, tired of voyaging
seemhave the look [of], give the appearance [of]
servileas a prisoner, as a slave
servilebefitting a slave, slavish, cringing
servilityslavery, servitude, captivity
sharetake, receive, have [as one's share]
sheavedmade of straw; gathered up like a sheaf
shortenomit, ignore, leave out
shottavern bill, reckoning
shufflebehave evasively, act shiftily
Sibylpriestess inspired by Apollo, her prophecies being written on leaves; Apollo granted her as many years of life as she could hold grains of sand in her hand
simplecommon, ordinary, average, humble
sir-reverencesave your reverence
sky-plantedfrom a heavenly location, positioned in the skies
slavefellow, rascal, rogue, villain
slaveenslave, bring into subjection
slavehireling, lackey, menial, servant
sleave[of silk] strands, threads, skein
sleave-silksilk thread for embroidery
sliplet go, allow to leave, unleash
slipleave unasserted, pass over
sliplet go of, allow to leave, unleash
smackhave a taste, like the flavour
smackhave an air, have a flavour
soaverage, middling, so-so
sobersedate, staid, demure, grave
sojourntravel, journey, go to stay
soreserious, grievous, grave
speedtravel speedily, make a hasty expedition
spherecelestial globe in which a heavenly body was thought to move, orbit
sphereplace in the heavens
sphereplace in the heavens
spherystar-like, heavenly, celestial
staff(plural ‘staves’) spear, lance
staggerhesitate, waver, vacillate
stavestaff, rod
steelengrave, inscribe, make a permanent image of
stelledstarry, stellar, heavenly
stiffgrave, formidable, weighty
stirmove about, go, travel
stoutbrave, valiant, resolute
strainhave difficulty in accepting, have a problem with
strewmentstrewn flowers [on a grave]
strikehave an evil influence, do harm
suphave supper
supernalcelestial, heavenly, divine
surceasecease, stop, leave off
surgeheavy wave, violent sea
sustaintake up a position, have a place
swaggerquarrel, squabble, behave in an insolent way
sympathizeresemble, be like, have an affinity with
sympathizedin which all have shared, consisting of corresponding elements
taintedcorrupted, dishonourable, depraved
takebehave, act; or: rage, rant
takehave recourse to, take oneself off to
tallbrave, valiant, bold
tantaeneis there so much anger in heavenly minds?
taphouseale-house, tavern
teemgive birth, have a child
textengrave, write, inscribe
thrallslave, subject, captive
thrallenslave, make captive
thrallcaptive, enslaved, subject
thralledenslaved, imprisoned, held in bondage
thrivebe successful, have good fortune
thwartcross, traverse, go over
tirefeed greedily, prey ravenously
totteringwavering, vacillating, fluctuating
toyfoolish dislike, silly aversion
tracerange over, pass through, traverse
travailjourneying, travel [often overlapping with the sense of 'labour']
travaillabour, effort, exertion [often overlapping with the sense of 'travel']
travaillabour, make an effort, work hard [for] [often overlapping with the sense of 'travel']
travailtravel, journey [often overlapping with the sense of 'labour']
traversecrosswise, transversely
traverse[fencing] pierce, stab, run through
traverse[unclear meaning] take aim, about turn
traversedplaced crosswise, laid across the shoulders
trenchedcut, carved, engraved
trimglib, suave, slick
Troyanfellow, knave
truantrogue, knave, rascal
trudgego away, depart, leave
true-fixedfirmly established, immovable, unwavering
tumblehave sexual intercourse with
undertaketake charge of, have responsibility for
undounravel, solve, explain
unfatheredhave one's legitimacy rejected, become fatherless
ungravelyderisively, displaying ridicule
unknituntie, undo, unravel
unpatheduncharted, unexplored, untravelled
unpavedwithout stones [testicles], castrated
untrodunprecedented, untraversed
upheaveraise, lift up
uprousearouse, get up, leave one's bed
usepresent, conduct, behave
vanishleave, depart from, be expelled
varletknave, rogue, rascal, ruffian
vassalwretch, creature, slave
vassalservant, slave, subject
vaultagevault, cavern, chamber
vaultyempty, cavernous, sepulchral
vengeavenge, revenge
viciouscaused by vice, immoral, depraved
victuallerinn-keeper, tavern-owner
villain-slavevillainous wretch
virtuecourage, valour, bravery
voidleave, withdraw, quit
vultureravenous, devouring, rapacious
waftbeckon, wave [at], signal
wantoncruelly irresponsible, badly behaved
wavewaver, vacillate, alternate
wavemove up and down, incline
waveringinconstant, fickle, capricious
wearpossess, enjoy, have
wearhave, experience
weaved-upwoven together, intertwined
wedgecleave, split [as with a wedge]
weighweigh anchor, heave up the anchor
welkinsky, firmament, heavens
welkinheavenly blue
willowmade of leaves from the willow tree [a symbol of the grief felt by a deserted or unrequited lover]
windywindward, situated towards the wind [so that scent will travel away from the follower]
wingfurnish with troops, have a wing protected [by]
wolvish-raveningdevouring like a wolf
womanmake behave like a woman, weep
wombywomb-like, hollow, cavernous
workact, behave, conduct oneself
writtenpreserved, engraved, fixed


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ability, havecan
abroad, licence to travel as a beggarpassport
advantage, have thecarry it (away)
advantage, have thebetter
advantage, have theoverreach
affection, haveaffection
affinity, have ansympathize
air, have ansmack
alive, leaveleave
allow to leaveslip
allow to leaveslip
alone, leaveleave
alone, leaveforbear
alternative, have nochoose, cannot
appetite satisfied, havedisedge
area, leave thegive
authority, have totalroast, rule the
average characterindifferency
averse, bedistaste
aversion, displayingdistasteful
aversion, sillytoy
averted, unable to be inevitable
awake from the gravearaise
bad feeling, have amisgive
bad opinion, have amisthink
badly behavedwanton
badly behavedmishaved
bag, travelmail
beauty, heavenlycherubin
bed, leave one'suprouse
beggar, licence to travel as apassport
behave honourablykeep
behave improperlymisdemean
behave inappropriatelyforget
behave insolentlyswagger
behave like a princeprince
behave like a woman, makewoman
behave mockinglydally
behave subtlyinsinuate
behave togetherco-act
behaved, badlywanton
behaved, badlymishaved
behaved, wellcivil
behaved, wellgracious
behaved, wildlymadcap
bill, tavernreckoning
bill, tavernscore
bill, tavernshot
bill, unpaid after goods have been receivedafter-debt
blue, heavenlywelkin
brave, madeboldened
bravery, surpass inoutbrave
breaking wavesbreach
call for food and drink, tavern bring
care for, have abeware
cave, live in acave
ceremonious leave, takecongee
character of, have theappear
character, averageindifferency
child, have acrop
child, have ateem
claim, have a rightfulentitule, intitule
coast, travel along the coast
combat, leave the field ofcome
compassion, havecompassion
concave qualityconcavity
consequences, havedepend
consideration, leave out ofbate
crown of oak leavesoak
curling with wavescrisp
dealings, havedeal
design, weave into ainterlace
difficulty in accepting, havestrain
displaying aversiondistasteful
disposal, have at one'scommand
disposal, have at one'smaster
do with, have toadmit
do with, have tocope
do with, have tohand
do, have todeal
do, have tomake
drug-seller, travellingmountebank
earth, seen as midway between heaven and hellmiddle earth
engagement elsewhere, have anpromise
evasively, behaveshuffle
evil influence, have anstrike
extravagantly behaved individualphantasime
faith, havecredit
faith, haveaffy
fast travellerposter
feed ravenously onraven
feeling, have a badmisgive
flavour, have arelish
flavour, have asmack
foolishly, behavedote
foot, travel on go
fortune, have goodthrive
girl, slavebondmaid
go, leave todispatch, despatch
gobble ravenouslyravin
grave, awake from thearaise
grave-lookingsad-eyed, sad-faced
greedy scavengerputtock
happened, what may havechance
harmony an octave belowdiapason
heave uphoise
heaven and hell, midway betweenmiddle earth
heaven, fromsainted
heaven, mythological location ofElysium
heaven, placed inenskied
heaven, will ofheavens
heavenly beautycherubin
heavenly bluewelkin
heavenly bodies, axis of theaxletree, axle-tree
heavenly bodyorb
heavenly bodysphere
heavenly domainhouse
heavenly location, from asky-planted
heavens, coming from thehigh-engendered
heavens, interpreting theastronomical
heavens, place in thesphere
heavy wavesurge
hell and heaven, earth seen as midway betweenmiddle earth
highwayman who travels on footfoot-landraker
hold, leavehang
impact, have anglance
improperly behavemisdemean
inappropriately behaveforget
influence, have an evilstrike
insolently behaveswagger
intercourse, haveknow
interpreting the heavensastronomical
knave in a type of card gamepur
knave, saucyJack-sauce
knavish slaveJack-slave
knowledge, have previousforeknow
leave aliveleave
leave aloneleave
leave aloneforbear
leave holdhang
leave offsurcease
leave offgive
leave outbate
leave outshorten
leave out of considerationbate
leave the areagive
leave the field of combatcome
leave to godispatch, despatch
leave unassertedslip
leave, allow toslip
leave, allow toslip
leave, permission todischarge
leave, permission todismission
leave, takedepart
leave, take ceremoniouscongee
leaven too muchoverleaven
legitimacy rejected, have one'sunfathered
licence to travel as a beggarpassport
live in cavescave
look, have theseem
lovers than, have moreoutparamour
lunch, havedine
mind, have abethink
mind, have amind
mind, have inmean
misgiving, havemisgive
misgiving, havemisdoubt
mockingly, behavedally
necessities, travellingnecessaries
oak leaves, crown ofoak
offer, have toafford
opinion, have a badmisthink
patience, haveforbear
patronage, have under one'senpatron
paved base, with apaved
paved surfacepavement
period of travelroad
permission to leavedischarge
permission to leavedismission
pity, havecomfort
place in the heavenssphere
place, have asustain
placed in heavenenskied
portion, have adivide
power, havereign
previous knowledge, haveforeknow
prey ravenouslytire
prince, behave like aprince
problem, have astrain
propensity, have apropend
proper regard, have akeep
qualities, havefurnish
qualms, haverespect
ravenously feed onraven
ravenously gobbleravin
ravenously preytire
recourse, havebetake
recourse, havetake
regard for, haverespect
responsibility for, haveundertake
returned, have one's titlesrestore
reverence, save yoursir-reverence
right, have apertain
rightful claim, have aentitule, intitule
roaring waveroarer
safe haven, in aensheltered
satisfied, have appetitedisedge
saucy knaveJack-sauce
save your reverencesir-reverence
scavenger, greedyputtock
sea travel, weary of seasick
sex, havejuggle
sex, haveput
sexual dealings, haveoccupy
sexual intercourse, havecolt
sexual intercourse, havetumble
sexual intercourse, havego
sexual knowledge of, haveknow
sign-board, tavernbush
silly aversiontoy
slave girlbondmaid
slave, as aservile
slave, befitting aservile
slave, knavishJack-slave
speedily travelspeed
store, have inowe
subtly, behaveinsinuate
supper, havesup
surface, pavedpavement
surpass in braveryoutbrave
suspicions, havedoubt
target, have as alevel
taste, have asmack
tavern [sign of a]red-lattice
tavern billscore
tavern billshot
tavern call for food and drinkbring
tavern sign-boardbush
titles returned, have one'srestore
travel about withcompass
travel along the coastcoast
travel backmeasure
travel bagmail
travel on footgo
travel overmeasure
travel speedilyspeed
travel throughovergo
travel, period ofroad
travel, weakened by journey-bated
travellerNicholas, Saint
traveller, fastposter
travelling drug-sellermountebank
travelling necessitiesnecessaries
unable to be avertedinevitable
unasserted, leaveslip
unpaid bill after goods have been receivedafter-debt
wave atwaft
wave, heavysurge
wave, roaringroarer
waves, breakingbreach
waves, curling withcrisp
way, have one's prevail
way, have yourpossess
weakened by traveljourney-bated
weary of sea travelseasick
weave into a designinterlace
wildly behavedmadcap
will of heavenheavens
willow tree, made of leaves from thewillow
wing protected, have a [in battle]wing
woman, make behave like awoman

Themes and Topics

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French...u parles bien le langage. > alice, you have been in england, and you speak the lang...
... répétition de tous les mots que vous m'ave z appris dès à présent. > i'm going to r...
...going to repeat all the words that you have taught me up to now.h5 iii.iv.24  il es...
... help, and very quickly.h5 iii.iv.38  n'ave z-vous pas déjà oublié ce que je vous ai...
...à oublié ce que je vous ai enseigné? > have n't you already forgotten what i've taug...
...! i am a gentleman from a good family. save my life, and i will give you two hundre...
...er; néanmoins, pour les écus que vous l'ave z promis, il est content à vous donner l...
.... > although it is against his oath to have mercy on any prisoner, nevertheless, fo...
...ins d'un chevalier, je pense, le plus brave , vaillant, et très distingué seigneur d...
...s, and i count myself fortunate that i have fallen into the hands of a gentleman - ...
...he hands of a gentleman - i think the brave st, most valiant, and very distinguished...
... le possession de france, et quand vous ave z le possession de moi, > i - when upon ...
...pon possession of france, and when you have possession of me,h5 v.ii.182  donc vôtr...
... ai (v.) h5 iii.iv.38 avoir [i] have ainsi (adv.) h5 iii.iv.45   ...
... as (v.) h5 iii.iv.1 avoir [you] have assez (adv.) h5 iii.iv.57   ...
...(adj.) h5 iii.iv.53   other ave z (v.) h5 iii.iv.23 avoir [you] h...
...z (v.) h5 iii.iv.23 avoir [you] have ayez (v.) h5 iv.iv.12 avoir ...
...(v.) h5 iv.iv.12 avoir [may you] have baille (v.) mw i.iv.86   gi...
... h5 iii.vii.62   mire, mud brave (adj.) h5 iv.iv.56   br...
... (adj.) h5 iv.iv.56   brave , courageous ça (pron.) h5 iii.v...
... ciel (n. m.) h5 iv.ii.4   sky, heave ns col (n. m.) h5 iii.iv.29   ...
...ner (v.) h5 iii.iv.58   to dine, have dinner dire (v.) h5 iv.iv.34 ...
... faut (v.) h5 iii.iv.4 falloir have , must, need feu (n. m.) h5 iv.i...
...(v.) tn iii.i.69 garder [may he] save gardez (v.) h5 iv.iv.42 garde...
...ez (v.) h5 iv.iv.42 garder [you] save genoux (n. m.) h5 iv.iv.54 ge...
... h5 v.ii.250 laisser [you] stop, leave langage (n. m.) h5 iii.iv.2  ...
...ief lavée (v.) h5 iii.vii.62 lave r washed le, l’ (det. m.) h5 i...
... prenez (v.) h5 iv.iv.12   take, have présent (n. m.) h5 iii.iv.23 ...
... sauf (prep.) h5 v.ii.112   save , except seigneur (n. m.) h5 iii...
...ciation english word example ’ave h...
... have h5 v.ii.216 vowel change frenc...
Latin...is ira nec ignis (tnk iii.v.89): and i have completed a work that neither the anger...
...d unstained by crime does not need the jave lins or the bow of the moor in terram sa...
...es (tit iv.i.81): master of the great heave ns, do you so calmly hear crimes, so cal...
... medius fidius (tnk iii.v.11): o god! heave n help me! qui me alit me extinguit (per...
...6 ii.i.24): is there so much anger in heave nly minds te deum (h5 iv.viii.122): thee...
... hear aut (conj.) tit ii.i.133   or ave (int.) e3 i.i.164   hail bene (adv.) ...
...bus (n. plural) 2h6 ii.i.24 coelestis heave nly beings coram [= quorum] mw i.i.6 q...
... iaculis (n. nt.) tit iv.ii.21 iaculum jave lin ibat (v.) ts iii.i.28 eo [he] ran,...
...dius fidius (n. m.) tnk iii.v.11   by heave n!, by jupiter! mehercle (int.) lll iv...
... poli (n. m.) tit iv.i.80 polus sky, heave ns pompae (n. f.) per ii.ii.30 pompa t...
...espice (v.) ce iv.iv.39 respicio [you] have regard for rex (n. m.) h5 v.ii.334   ...

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
VENGEANCEBASICavenge v, avenged adj