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We both obey,But we both obey,Ham II.ii.29.2
And here giue vp our selues, in the full bent,And here give up ourselves in the full bentHam II.ii.30
To lay our Seruices freely at your feete,To lay our service freely at your feet,Ham II.ii.31
To be commanded.To be commanded.Ham II.ii.32
Heauens make our presence and our practisesHeavens make our presence and our practicesHam II.ii.38
Pleasant and helpfull to him. Pleasant and helpful to him!Ham II.ii.39.1
Mine honour'd Lord?My honoured lord!Ham II.ii.222
Happy, in that we are not ouer-happy:Happy in that we are not over-happy.Ham II.ii.228
on Fortunes Cap, we are not the very Button.On Fortune's cap we are not the very button.Ham II.ii.229
Faith, her priuates, we.Faith, her privates we.Ham II.ii.233
Prison, my Lord?Prison, my lord?Ham II.ii.242
Which dreames indeed are Ambition:Which dreams indeed are ambition.Ham II.ii.256
for the very substance of the Ambitious, is meerely the For the very substance of the ambitious is merely theHam II.ii.257
shadow of a Dreame.shadow of a dream.Ham II.ii.258
Wee'l wait vponWe'll wait uponHam II.ii.265 II.ii.266
What should we say my Lord?What should we say, my lord?Ham II.ii.277
My Lord, we were sent for.My lord, we were sent for.Ham II.ii.292
Oh there ha's beene much throwing aboutO, there has been much throwing aboutHam II.ii.357
of Braines.of brains.Ham II.ii.358
There are the Players.There are the players.Ham II.ii.368
In what my deere Lord?In what, my dear lord?Ham II.ii.376
Nor do we finde him forward to be sounded,Nor do we find him forward to be sounded,Ham III.i.7
But with a crafty Madnesse keepes aloofe:But with a crafty madness keeps aloofHam III.i.8
When we would bring him on to some ConfessionWhen we would bring him on to some confessionHam III.i.9
Of his true state.Of his true state.Ham III.i.10.1
But with much forcing of his disposition.But with much forcing of his disposition.Ham III.i.12
Good my Lord, vouchsafe me a wordGood my lord, vouchsafe me a wordHam III.ii.304
with you.with you.Ham III.ii.305
The King, sir.The King, sir – Ham III.ii.307
Is in his retyrement, maruellousIs in his retirement marvellousHam III.ii.309
distemper'd.distempered.Ham III.ii.310
No my Lord, rather with choller.No, my lord, with choler.Ham III.ii.312
my Lord put your discourse into Good my lord, put your discourse intoHam III.ii.316
some frame, and start not so wildely from my affayre.some frame, and start not so wildly from my affair.Ham III.ii.317
The Queene your Mother, in most greatThe Queen your mother in most greatHam III.ii.319
affliction of spirit, hath sent me to you.affliction of spirit hath sent me to you.Ham III.ii.320
Nay, good my Lord, this courtesie is notNay, good my lord, this courtesy is notHam III.ii.322
of the right breed. If it shall please you to make me aof the right breed. If it shall please you to make me aHam III.ii.323
wholsome answer, I will doe your Mothers command'ment:wholesome answer, I will do your mother's commandment.Ham III.ii.324
if not, your pardon, and my returne shall bee theIf not, your pardon and my return shall be theHam III.ii.325
end of my Businesse.end of my business.Ham III.ii.326
What, my Lord?What, my lord?Ham III.ii.328
O my Lord, if my Dutie be too bold, myO my lord, if my duty be too bold, myHam III.ii.356
loue is too is too unmannerly.Ham III.ii.357
My Lord, I cannot.My lord, I cannot.Ham III.ii.360
Beleeue me, I cannot.Believe me, I cannot.Ham III.ii.362
I know no touch of it, my Lord.I know no touch of it, my lord.Ham III.ii.364
But these cannot I command to anyBut these cannot I command to anyHam III.ii.369
vtterance of hermony, I haue not the skill.utterance of harmony. I have not the skill.Ham III.ii.370
We will our selues prouide:We will ourselves provide.Ham III.iii.7.2
Most holie and Religious feare it isMost holy and religious fear it isHam III.iii.8
To keepe those many many bodies safeTo keep those many many bodies safeHam III.iii.9
That liue and feede vpon your Maiestie.That live and feed upon your majesty.Ham III.iii.10
Hamlet, Lord Hamlet. Hamlet! Lord Hamlet!Ham IV.ii.2
A thing my Lord?A thing, my lord?Ham IV.ii.29