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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
All's Well That Ends WellAW II.i.40Noble heroes, my sword and yours are kin.Noble Heroes; my sword and yours are kinne,
CoriolanusCor V.iii.37.1And knew no other kin.& knew no other kin
CymbelineCym V.v.111Wilt have him live? Is he thy kin? Thy friend?Wilt haue him liue? Is he thy Kin? thy Friend?
CymbelineCym V.v.112He is a Roman, no more kin to meHe is a Romane, no more kin to me,
HamletHam I.ii.65A little more than kin, and less than kind!A little more then kin, and lesse then kinde.
HamletHam IV.ii.6Compounded it with dust, whereto 'tis kin.Compounded it with dust, whereto 'tis Kinne.
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.105himself, even like those that are kin to the king, forhimselfe:) Euen like those that are kinne to the King, for
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.111Nay, they will be kin to us, or they willNay, they will be kin to vs, but they wil
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.150Even such kin as the parish heifers areEuen such Kin, as the Parish Heyfors are
Henry VH5 III.vii.65any such proverb so little kin to the purpose.any such Prouerbe, so little kin to the purpose.
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.iv.169Had he been slaughterman to all my kin,Had he been slaughter-man to all my Kinne,
King JohnKJ I.i.273Come, lady, I will show thee to my kin,Come Lady I will shew thee to my kinne,
King LearKL I.iv.178I marvel what kin thou and thy daughters are.I maruell what kin thou and thy daughters are,
Measure for MeasureMM II.iv.113Nothing kin to foul redemption.Is nothing kin to fowle redemption.
OthelloOth IV.ii.183and performances are no kin together.and / Performances are no kin together.
Richard IIR2 II.i.183But bloody with the enemies of his kin.But bloody with the enemies of his kinne:
Richard IIR2 IV.i.141Shall kin with kin, and kind with kind, confound.Shall Kinne with Kinne, and Kinde with Kinde confound.
Richard IIR2 V.ii.110Not like to me, or any of my kin,Not like to me, nor any of my Kin,
Romeo and JulietRJ I.v.58Now, by the stock and honour of my kin,Now by the stocke and Honour of my kin,
The Merchant of VeniceMV II.ix.97Thou wilt say anon he is some kin to thee,Thou wilt say anone he is some kin to thee,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.i.38That ever blood made kin. Callest thou her thine?That ever blood made kin, call'st thou hir thine?
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK prologue.1New plays and maidenheads are near akin, New Playes, and Maydenheads, are neare a kin,
The Winter's TaleWT III.i.10Kin to Jove's thunder, so surprised my senseKin to Ioues Thunder, so surpriz'd my Sence,
The Winter's TaleWT III.ii.52Of all that hear me, and my near'st of kinOf all that heare me, and my neer'st of Kin
The Winter's TaleWT IV.iv.427Not hold thee of our blood, no, not our kin,Not hold thee of our blood, no not our Kin,
Timon of AthensTim I.i.125One only daughter have I, no kin else,One onely Daughter haue I, no Kin else,
Timon of AthensTim V.iv.40Spare thy Athenian cradle and those kinSpare thy Athenian Cradle, and those Kin
Troilus and CressidaTC I.i.76Because she's kin to me, therefore she's notBecause she's Kinne to me, therefore shee's not
Troilus and CressidaTC I.i.77so fair as Helen; an she were not kin to me, she wouldso faire as Helen, and she were not kin to me, she would
Troilus and CressidaTC I.iii.25The hard and soft, seem all affined and kin;The hard and soft, seeme all affin'd, and kin.
Troilus and CressidaTC III.iii.175One touch of nature makes the whole world kin,One touch of nature makes the whole world kin:
Troilus and CressidaTC IV.ii.97No kin, no love, no blood, no soul so near meNo kin, no loue, no bloud, no soule, so neere me,
Troilus and CressidaTC IV.v.92Or else a breath. The combatants being kinOr else a breach: the Combatants being kin,
Twelfth NightTN I.v.110one of thy kin has a most weak pia mater.One of thy kin has a most weake Pia-mater.
Twelfth NightTN V.i.227Of charity, what kin are you to me?Of charity, what kinne are you to me?


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abruptionbreaking-off, interruption, hesitation
accentsound, voice quality, way of talking
accentattempt at speaking, inarticulate sound
accosting[unclear meaning] making of advances, coming on
Achitophel[pron: a'kitofel] in the Bible, adviser to King David, who sided with Absalom in the conspiracy against David
action-takingtaking legal action, litigious
adventurousrisk-taking, imprudently bold, rashly daring
affinitykinship, relationship, connections
Agenor[pron: a'jenor] king of Tyre; father of daughter Europa and sons Cadmus, Phoenix, and Cilix
aguefever, sickness, shaking [as caused by a fever]
aguedshivering, shaking [as with a fever]
ague-fitfeverish fit, fit of shaking
Ajax[pron: 'ayjaks, OP also a'jayks] son of Telemon, king of Salamis (also called Ajax Telemonius); fought against Troy; proverbial for his size and strength
AlexanderAlexander the Great; Macedonian king in 4th-c BC, known for his extensive empire
alliancekinship, relationship, friendship
allyrelative, relation, kinsman
amblingwalking in an affected way, pretentiously strolling
amblingaffected way of walking, tripping along
anatomybody, skeleton, skin and bones
Ancus Martius[pron: 'ankus 'mahshus] fourth king of Rome, 7th-c BC
Antiochus the Great[pron: an'tiyokus] Antiochus III; Syrian king in 2nd-c BC
ApolloGreek sun god, who pulls the sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot; god of prophecy [speaking through the Delphi oracle, poetry, music, archery, and healing
apple-johnkind of apple with a shrivelled skin [associated with midsummer (St John's) day]
Atlasgiant, sentenced by Zeus to carry the heavens on his shoulders for taking part in the struggle against the gods
attemptexploit, undertaking, enterprise
awelessinspiring no awe, lacking in respect
backingbacking up, being in support
bare-boneskinny person, fleshless one
barrennessarea [of skin] worn dry and bare
barren-spiriteddull-minded, lacking the spirit to respond
baselessunsubstantial, lacking a foundation
bate-breedingmischief-making, discord-raising
bavin[made of] firewood, kindling wood
baybaying, barking, howling
beckingbeckoning, calling, nodding [to action]
beest-eatingdrinking the milk produced after the birth of a calf [considered undrinkable, except by rustics]
before-breachprevious breaking, earlier violation
bemaddingmaking mad, maddening
beseeminglooking, appearing
besthighest ranking person, most eminent person
bethinkingreflection, rumination, considering
bill[applied to various kinds of long-handled spear-like weapon] halberd; bill-hook
birthnature, kind, natural character
birthdomkingdom of birth, birthright, native land
bite one's thumb[gesture of insult or defiance] insert the thumb nail into the mouth, making it click againt the upper teeth upon release
blackamoorblack-skinned African, negro
blinkingblind, sightless
bloodblood relationship, kinship
blood-drinkingbloodthirsty, eager for bloodshed
blood-drinkingdraining the blood away [from the face]
bodkindagger [or other pointed weapon]
bodkinhair-pin, pin-shaped ornament
bodkinsmall sharply pointed implement for piercing
bodkindear body
bodykins[God's] dear body
boot-hoseover-stocking covering the whole of the lower leg
bountyact of kindness, good turn
brabblequibbling, nit-picking, noisy disputing
bracedwith tightened skin, stretched
breachdisregarding, breaking
breachsurf, breaking waves
breakstop talking, finish a discussion
breakingbankruptcy, insolvency
breedsort, kind, type
brokingacting as a broker, bargain-dealing
brotherrelative, relation, kinsman
browoverlooking shore, high-lying coast
buckingwashing, laundry
bum-baily, bum-bailiffbailiff, sheriff's officer [who catches people by sneaking up behind them]
burly-bonedhulking, big-bodied
buskinedwearing high hunting boots [buskins]
buyget rid of, cancel by making a payment
buzzardignoramus, stupid person; also: inferior kind of hawk
by-drinkingdrinking between meals
Cadmus[pron: 'kadmus] son of Agenor, King of Tyre; he set off in pursuit of his sister Europa, arrived in Greece, and founded Thebes
Cadwallader[pron: kad'walader] last of the British kings, 7th-c
calkinraised edge of a horse-shoe [which prevents the horse slipping]
Cambyses[pron: kam'biyseez] 6th-c BC king of the Medes and Persians, as represented in a 16th-c play by Thomas Preston, Cambyses
Camelotcapital of King Arthur’s legendary kingdom
canakin, cannakinlittle can, small drinking vessel
Capaneus[kapa'nayus] one of seven champions – the 'Seven against Thebes' – who attacked Thebes to deprive Eteocles of his kingship
carefulpainstaking, serious-minded, attentive
carelesslyin a negligent manner, without taking proper military precautions
caretLatin: it is lacking
caseskin, hide, coat
caseflay, skin
Cassibelan[pron: ka'sibelan, ka'sibjulan] British king in 1st-c
chaliceceremonial cup, drinking-cup
chaps, chopscrack in the skin, fissure
characterlessleaving no trace, lacking any distinctive signs
charitablekindly, loving, warm-hearted
Charlemain[pron: 'shahluhmayn] Charlemagne, king of the Franks in 768–814; great patron of learning
chasteof allowed love-making [because married]
checkeredpatterned, with varied markings
cheerkind welcome, good reception
cherishentertain kindly, look after well
chidingbarking, brawling, angry noise
chuffmiser, skinflint; or: churl, clown
close-tonguedspeaking secretly, tight-lipped
Clotharius[pron: klo'tharius] king of the Franks in 6th-c
clownyokel, rustic, country bumpkin; also: low comic character [in a play]
coactiveworking together, acting in concert
cock[of a gun] pistol-hammer, cocking-piece
coinagemeans of making money
coiningmaking coins
coldchaste, modest, lacking sensual passion
coldempty, bare, lacking life
ColmekillIona, island off the W coast of Scotland; once the traditional burial place for Scottish kings
colourtype, kind, nature
come[drinking call] pass it round
commendconvey greetings, present kind regards
commissionerofficial acting for the king in his absence
comparativegood at making comparisons; insulting, abusive
compositionputting together, making up
comptiblesensitive, thin-skinned, impressionable
computationworking out, reasoning, cogitation
conceptionthinking, impression, suspicion
conjurecontrol, constrain [by invoking divine powers]
consanguinitykinship, blood relationship
contradictionanswering back, speaking in opposition
contrivingplotting, skilfully working [on one's behalf]
Cophetua[pron: ko'fetjua] African king of a romantic ballad, who fell in love with a beggar-girl, Zenelophon
Corinthiantrue drinking companion
costard[jocular: large kind of apple] head
counter[a term from hunting] taking an opposite path to the prey
countermandcontrary command, revoking order
crafty-swearingmaking devious vows
Creon[pron: 'krayon] king of Thebes who gave orders that any who died attacking Thebes should be left unburied
crestlesslacking a heraldic crest
crownking, monarch, ruler
cuckold[mocking name] dishonour a man by making his wife unfaithful
cuckold[mocking name] man with an unfaithful wife
curiosityscrupulousness, fastidiousness, painstaking attention to detail
Cymbeline[pron: 'simbeleen] Celtic king in 1st-c Britain, usually named as Cunobelinus
Cyrus[pron: 'siyrus] Cyrus the Great, 6th-c BC, king of Persia
Daedalus[pron: 'dedalus] legendary Athenian inventor who made the labyrinth for King Minos in Crete; escaped to Sicily with wings made for himsef and his son Icarus
Dagonet, Sir[pron: 'dagonet] King Arthur's fool
dallytrifle, behave mockingly
Darius[pron: da'riyus], 'darius] Darius the Great, 6th-c BC king of Persia
darkingdarkening, setting
dauphintitle of the eldest son of the King of France [between 1349 and 1830]
deafingdrowning out, blocking out [of sound]
deckingadorning, dressing, attiring
decliningfalling, sinking, descending
delicatepleasure-seeking, voluptuous, self-indulgent
denotementaccount, description, making known
departdeparture, departing, leave-taking
desartlessunderserving, lacking in merit [malapropism for ‘deserving’]
designundertaking, purpose, enterprise
designmentundertaking, enterprise, design
deviceway of thinking, inclination, fancy
dewlapfolds of loose skin hanging about the neck
dewlappedwith folds of loose skin around the throat
dialectlanguage, manner of speaking
diapertowel, napkin, cloth
dimdull, pale-coloured, lacking lustre
disgracefullacking in grace, unbecoming, displeasing
distrustfulhesitant, diffident, lacking confidence
dividedshared, with everyone partaking
dolphintitle of the eldest son of the King of France
double-fatalyielding two kinds of death
dowerlesslacking a dowry
dressingreworking, refashioning
drinkdrinking-bout, carousing
dulldim, not sharp, lacking keenness
dull-eyedlacking insight, easily deceived
duskyextinguished, lacking in light
easinessgentleness, kindness, indulgence
egomy king and I
egregiousshocking, outrageous, flagrant
elf-skinshrunken thing, mere nothing
embarkengage in an enterprise, involve in an undertaking
encompassmenttalking around [a subject], roundabout means
entertainwelcome, receive kindly, treat well, show hospitality to
Ephesiangood mate, old drinking companion
Epicureansensual, lecherous, pleasure-seeking
estatestate, kingdom
Ethiopiannegro, black-skinned person
ever-bibbingalways drinking, tippling
Evilthe king's evil, scrofula [a lymphatic disease]
exceptlessmaking no exceptions, indiscriminate
exploitmilitary action, martial undertaking
extemporespontaneously, involuntarily, without thinking
extremehighest degree, largest kind
face-royalmajestic face, face like a king
facingtrimming, adorning, decking out
faintweak, fatigued, lacking in strength
faintinadequate, lacking, in short supply
fairhandsome, good-looking, beautiful
fairkindly, encouragingly, courteously
fairmake good-looking, beautify
fashionsort, kind, type
favourpardon, leave, kind indulgence
favourleniency, kindness, clemency
featherkind, type, disposition
fellskin, hide
fell-lurkingsavagely waiting, fierce in attendance
finicalnit-picking, fussy, over-particular
firebrandpiece of wood kindled in the fire
flap-dragons[game of bravado] snap-dragons: small burning objects floating on liquor, which have to be avoided while drinking; or: edible objects floating on burning liquor, to be seized and eaten
flayedstripped, skinned, undressed
fleerjeer, grin scornfully, laugh mockingly
floutingmocking, scoffing, scornful
flying-offdesertion, defection, forsaking
foolishlike an idiot, lacking in sense
footin employment, taking place, under way
footinglanding, disembarking, setting foot on shore
forfeiterdefaulter, person guilty of breaking an agreement
forgingcounterfeiting, making false copies
forlornlife-endangering, risk-taking
forswearingperjury, oath-breaking
foulplain-looking, unattractive, ugly
franklinlandowner ranking below the gentry, rich freeholder, yeoman
fraughtingforming the cargo, making up the freight
friendrelative, relation, kinsman
friendshipfriendly act, favour, act of kindness
friskinantic, friskiness, playful action
gaitmanner of walking, bearing, movement
gaskinsloose-fitting trousers, wide breeches
gazeviewing, observation, direction of looking
gendersort, kind, type
generationposterity, procreation, humankind
gentlecourteous, friendly, kind
gentlecourteously, kindly
gentlesoft, tender, kind
gentleman of a companynon-ranking volunteer with a status higher than that of a private
germannear related, closely akin
gibinglysarcastically, tauntingly, in a mocking manner
giddyswaying, quaking, dizzying
gladdingdelighting, making joyful
glassmirror, looking-glass
gloriousseeking glory, eager for renown
goingwalking, going at one's usual pace
goodhigh-ranking, high-born, distinguished
goodkind, benevolent, generous
goodkind, friendly, sympathetic
goodlygood-looking, handsome, attractive, comely
goodnessnatural kindness, generosity, bounty
Gorboduc[pron: 'gawrboduhk] legendary King of Britain
gossipingmerry-making, joyful meeting
grave-beseemingsuitably dignified, sober-looking
grim-lookedgrim-looking, forbidding
grossplain, striking, evident, obvious
haircharacter, nature, kind
hasty-wittedquick-witted, quick-thinking
hawkinghawk-like, sharp, alert
hayhay-making, harvest
heartin poor condition, lacking in strength; also: lacking inclination
heart[in making a toast] in good spirits, in a spirit of fellowship
heavy-gaitedponderously walking, clumsy-moving
Hecubawife of Priam, King of Troy, and mother of 18 children; after the Greeks took Troy, she saw her sons and her husband killed, and was sent into slavery.
heinouslyatrociously, shockingly, dreadfully
hem[drinking call] make a noise like ‘ahem’; clear the throat
Herodin the Bible, a Judean king, portrayed in medieval mystery plays as a wild and angry figure
hickhiccup [from drinking]
homelyplain-looking, unattractive, ugly
horninggiving horns, making a cuckold
Hostilius[pron: hos'tilius] Tullus Hostilius, third king of Rome, 7th-c BC
human-kindnessnatural feelings, human qualities
ill-breedingmischief-making, discontented
ill-utteringspeaking displeasing news, reporting bad tidings
imperfectfaulty, lacking in character
impiouslacking reverence towards God, wicked, irreligious
improvidentshortsighted, lacking foresight, careless
inconsiderateunthinking person, ignorant being
incontinencelacking self-restraint, indulgence [in the pleasures of the flesh]
inflammationinflamed senses, heated condition [through drinking]
ingenious[unclear meaning] lacking all ability, stupid
inklekind of linen tape, yarn
inquisitiveeager for information, seeking knowledge
insociableunsociable, lacking the benefits of society
insubstantiallacking substance, imaginary, unreal
intestateleaving no will, lacking inheritance
intrusionbreaking in, forced entry
Jasonson of Aeson, King of Iolcos; sent with the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece, which he obtained with Medea's assistance
jerkinmale upper garment, close-fitting jacket [often made of leather]
Jezebelin the Bible, the infamous wife of King Ahab
kindfriendly, agreeable, pleasant
kindbreed, lineage, stock, family
kindhappy, good, favourable
kindrespect, regard, particular
kindshowing natural feeling, acting by nature
kindnature, close natural relationship
kindnature, reality, character, disposition
kindloving, affectionate, fond
kindmode of action, business, matter
kindmanner, way, state
kindrole, part
kindgenerous, liberal, benevolent
kindgracious, full of courtesy
kindkindly, lovingly, with affection
kindlestir up, incite, provoke
kindle[of a female animal] be born, deliver
kindlessinhuman, unnatural, monstrous
kindlyin accordance with human nature, expressing normal humanity
kindlywith natural affection, with compassion
kindlyby all means, in any case
kindlyfitting, suitable
kindlyfriendly, good-natured, well-disposed
kindlynatural, proper
kindlynaturally, spontaneously, convincingly
kindlylovingly, gently, affectionately
kindnessfeeling of kinship
kindnesskind nature, natural courtesy, natural affection
kindnessfriendship, affection, good will
kindnesskind act, fond display
kindredmatching character, resemblance [to one another]
kinecattle, cows
kingdomedconstituted as a kingdom
knee-crookingbowing, kneeling, genuflecting
laboursomelaborious, assiduous, hard-working
lakinvariant of 'lady' [Our Lady]
late-walkinggoing out with whores late at night
layappease, prevent from walking
leakingissuing forth, rising, surging
lean-lookedlean-looking, gaunt
leather-coatrusset apple [with a rough skin]
leathernclothed in animal skins
leathern-jerkinwearing a leather jacket
leaveleave-taking, permission to depart
leaven[baking] fermenting element, infusing mixture, adulteration
likelypromising, hopeful; or: seemly, good-looking
likinglustful affection, sexual attraction
likingbodily shape, good condition
likingapproving, consent, acquiescence
likingdesire, will, pleasure
linkblacking [from a burnt torch]
littlethin, lean, skinny
livelylifelike, striking, vivid
lookseek out, find by looking
Louvre[pron: 'loovr] palace of the French Kings, Paris
loveact of kindness, affectionate deed
LynnKing’s Lynn; port in Norfolk
madamhigh-ranking lady
maddingdriving one mad, provoking madness
majesticalmajestic, regal, kingly
makingphysical appearance, bodily form, build
malkinwench, drab, slut
manikinlittle man, puppet
mankindman-like woman, virago; or: mad, furious, infuriated
mankindman-like, mannish
manneras it were, in a manner of speaking
mapperymere map-making
markingnoting, notice, attending [to]
masterlessabandoned, lacking an owner
meanerlower ranking, less eminent
meanestlowest ranking, least eminent
measuringtask of checking measurement
Medea[pron: me'deea] daughter of Aeetes, King of Colchis, who assisted Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece
meditationthought, thinking
Menelaus[pron: mene'layus] king of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon, married to Helen of Troy
Merlingood wizard or sage whose magic helped King Arthur; famous for his prophecies
miching[unclear meaning] sneaking, skulking, lurking
milchmilking, in milk
milch-kinedairy-milk cows
mill-sixpencesixpence made in a coin-making mill
mincesuggest by walking pretentiously, give an affected impression of
mincedcut up into little pieces for baking
minikinshrill; or: dainty, tiny
Minos['minos] king of Crete, who imprisoned Daedalus and his son Icarus for helping Theseus escape from his labyrinth
minutelytaking place minute by minute
mirthmerry-making, pleasure-seeking
mockact of mockery, mocking remark, derisive action, scornful irony
mockerymocking, derisive
mockingimitation, representation, impression
monarchizeperform the role of a monarch, play a king's part
moppinggrimacing, making faces
mournfulheartbreaking, distressing, causing sorrow
mowderisive grimace, pout, mocking expression
mowinggrimacing, making mouths
Mulmutius[pron: mul'mootius] early king of the Britons
Nabuchadnezzar[pron: nabookad'nezer] Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, 6th-c BC
namefamily, stock, kin
namekingly title, dignified rank
napkinsquare piece of cloth
naturallacking artifice, reflecting the reality of the world
needlessnot lacking, having no need
nether-stockstocking for the lower leg
neuterneutral, taking neither side
new-enkindledfreshly lit
new-firerekindle, ignite again
new-firedrekindled, inflamed anew
niggardmiser, mean person, skinflint
night-walkingsecret, going about by night
Numa[pron: 'nyooma] Numa Pompilius, second king of Rome, 716-672 BC
oathpromise, undertaking
offence[in fencing] attacking stroke, offensive action
offeringchallenging, taking the offensive
officeservice, sympathy, kindness
officedfunctional, working, serviceable
operationplan, active thought, working idea
operativeeffective, efficacious, capable of working
outnightoutdo in making references to the night
outstrikesurpass in striking, deal a swifter blow than
outwardacting as an external observer, looking from outside
overlookingperusal, inspection, scrutiny
overlookingguardianship, looking after, custody
overwalkwalk over, cross by walking
paceway of walking, gait
packingfurtive, underhand, plotting
packingplotting, contriving, underhand dealing
painfulpainstaking, diligent, laborious
painfullydiligently, taking great pains
palsyshaking fit, tremor, paralysis
palsypalsied, trembling, shaking
Pandionking of Athens, the father of Philomela
parlingspeaking, parleying
Parthianfrom Parthia, ancient kingdom of W Asia; known for skilled horsemen and archery
partingdeparture, leave-taking, setting out
passant[heraldry] walking, with three paws on the ground and one raised
pastrypastry-making part of the kitchen
peakingsneaking, skulking, lurking
Pendragonearly British king, the father of King Arthur
Pepinking of the Franks in 8th-c
Pharamond[pron: 'faramond] legendary king of the Salian Franks
Philomel, Philomela[pron: 'filomel] daughter of Pandion, king of Athens; Tereus raped her and cut out her tongue, but she told the tale in her embroidery; the gods turned her into a nightingale after she took her revenge
phraselesslacking language to describe
pickingfastidious, trifling, fussy
picklockinstrument for picking locks
piecesort, kind, type
pinkhalf-shut, blinking, tiny
Pippenking of the Franks in 8th-c
piteouslyso as to excite pity, evoking compassion
pithlessfeeble, frail, puny [lacking pith, or marrow]
pittikinsdear pity
plainnessplain-speaking, openness, frankness
plainsonglacking ornament, melodically simple
plankplanking, floor
play[drinking call] finish it off, down it
pleasantfacetious, joking, droll
pledgetoast, drinking of a health
pluckingpulling off, removal
poking-stickrod for stiffening the folds of a ruff
Pompion[= pumpkin] malapropism for ‘Pompey’
potstew-pot, cooking-pot
potationdraught, drinking-bout
pottingdrinking, tippling, imbibing
pottledrinking vessel containing two quarts
poxvenereal disease; also: plague, or any other disease displaying skin pustules
praeclarissimusOur most renowned son Henry, King of England and heir of France
presentoccurring at this time, taking place now
Prester Johnlegendary Christian king of Africa or Asia
pretty[of men] fine, good-looking
Priam[pron: 'priyam] king of Troy, husband of Hecuba; killed by Pyrrhus during the sack of Troy
printlessmaking no print, leaving no trace
Prometheusone of the Titan gods, who stole fire from heaven to help mankind, and was punished by being chained to a rock
proofmaking good, showing to be loyal
propergood-looking, handsome, comely
propinquityclose kinship, blood relationship
Proserpine, Proserpinadaughter of the corn-goddess Ceres; Hades, king of the Underworld, abducted her and made her his queen
proudtaking pride in, elated by the thought of
provisionforesight, advance preparation, looking ahead
puke-stockingdark-coloured woollen stocking
pulpitpublic speaking place, platform, rostrum
Pyramus lover of Thisbe; kept apart by their parents, they talked through a crack in their dividing wall; arriving at a rendezvous, Pyramus found Thisbe’s cloak stained with blood from a lion’s prey; thinking she had been killed by a lion
qualmsickening fear, sinking feeling
quarter day[day marking a quarter of the year, when house tenancies would change] removal day
rabbit-suckersucking rabbit, baby rabbit
rackingwind-driven, passing like smoke
rankfoul-smelling, stinking
rank-scentedfoul-smelling, stinking
rareunusual, striking, exceptional
rarityexceptional nature, striking quality
reedreedy, squeaking
reekingsmeared with blood, freshly bloodstained
reekingsweaty, heated, perspiring
reel(plural) revels, revelry, merry-making
relishliking, taste, inclination
relishkind, quality, type
relumerelight, rekindle, burn afresh
revokementrevoking, revocation, repeal
riddlingdealing in riddles, riddle-making
rivo[unclear meaning] exclamation used while drinking
roughinadequate, dull, lacking grace
royallike a king, majestic
royalkingly; also: to the value of the English coin worth half a pound
rudeviolent, harsh, unkind
rudeamateurish, inexpert, lacking polish
ruderough, wild, harsh-looking
sad-eyed, sad-facedgrave-looking
saidfinished speaking, had one's say
saltpetresubstance used for making gunpowder [potassium nitrate]
samingo[unclear meaning] type of drinking refrain [Latin ‘mingo’ = urinate]
saplessfeeble, sluggish, lacking vigour
sayfinish speaking, speak one's mind, make one's point
sectclass, kind, sort
seekingsuit, petition
segregationdispersal, scattering, breaking up
semblativeresembling, looking like
senselesslacking human sensation, incapable of feeling
senselesslacking in sense, stupid, foolish
serpigotype of spreading skin disease
shakeshaking, shock, blow
shallownaive, gullible, lacking in depth of character
shapeshaping up, taking shape
sheep-bitingthieving, sneaking, shifty
sheepskin[descriptive of a] drum [the skin of a sheep being used for the making of drumheads]
shipwrackingcausing shipwreck
shrinkingshivering, shuddering, wincing with cold
sibkin, related
side-piercingheartrending, heartbreaking, harrowing
silly-duckingfoolishly bowing, ridiculously obsequious
sinking-ripeready to sink
sizekind, type, length
skilletsaucepan, stew-pan, cooking-pot
skincover up, cover with skin
skin-coatcoat made of skin, hide
slightlight, insubstantial, lacking solidity
sloughouter skin
smokingsteaming hot, sending up spray
Smulkinin Christian tradition, the name of a devil
snatchcatch, hesitation, jerkiness
snatchquibble, equivocation, nit-picking
soakingquick to absorb, ready to assimilate
softtender, compassionate, kind
soft-consciencedsoft-headed, easy-going, lacking real convictions
solemnimpressive, breathtaking, awe-inspiring
song of good lifedrinking song
soon-speedingquick-acting, rapidly working
soothingflattering, sweet-talking
sortkind, variety, type
soundingplaying, making music
sovereigntyroyal dignity, kingly authority
speculationlooking on, spectating, observation
speedingeffective, rapidly working, successful
spitimplement for cooking meat over a fire
springclosing device, locking mechanism
stale[falconry] decoy, lure, stalking-horse
stalkmove stealthily in concealment [as by using a stalking-horse to catch game]
stalking-horsehorse behind which a hunter hides, to stalk game
stanielinferior kind of hawk; kestrel
startingremoval, displacement, breaking away
starvelingskinny individual, lanky fellow
statekingship, majesty, sovereignty
sticking placeplace on a device at which something is held fast [such as a stringed instrument or crossbow]
still-solicitingalways begging, forever looking for favours
stop[in managing a horse] pulling-up, sudden checking of a career
stoppause, hesitation, breaking off
stupefiedlacking the ability to feel, grown insensible
suckingunweaned, suckling
sunburntof dark complexion, not fair-skinned [and therefore unattractive]
suppingtaking supper
suppliantready to supply, making up the deficiency
supplyantready to supply, making up the deficiency
supposingimagination, creative thinking
supremesupreme ruler, king, highest in authority
suretyperson undertaking a legal responsibility in relation to another, guarantor
surprisetaking by surprise, catching unawares
swart-complexioneddark-faced, black-looking
swearingact of swearing, moment of oath-taking
sweet-facedgood-looking, handsome
swoopstakeindiscriminately [taking all stakes at once]
takingstate, fright, agitation
takinginfectious, contagious, pernicious
takingattack of disease, seizure
taking updealing, bargaining, agreement
taking-offkilling, elimination, removal
taletalking, discourse
Tantalusking of Sipylos in Lydia, punished in the Underworld for his crimes; he sits in a pool which recedes when he bends to drink, and the grapes over his head elude his grasp
TarquinTarquinius Superbus, seventh king of Rome, 6th-c BC
taskingoffering of a challenge
tediouslaborious, painstaking, wearyingly intricate
Tenantius[pron: te'nantius] British king, father of Cymbeline
tenchtype of freshwater fish [with red spots on its skin]
Tereus[pron: 'taireus] legendary king of Athens, who raped and mutilated his sister-in-law Philomel
tetterscaly eruption of the skin, scurf
tettercover the skin with scabs
Tewkesbury[pron: 'tyooksbree] town in Gloucestershire, a mustard-making centre; battle site (1471)
thankingword of thanks, expression of gratitude
Theseus[pron: 'theesius] legendary king of Athens; killer of the Minotaur; he conquered the Amazons and married their queen, Hippolyta
thickskinbrutishly built, dullard, blockhead
thinkthink kindly about, remember well
thinkingthought, meditation, reflection
thorny-prickingprickly, barbed, pricking like a thorn
thoughtenassured, of a mind, thinking
tidygood-looking, handsome; also: fat, plump
Timon[pron: 'tiymon] Athenian nobleman; disgusted with mankind because of friends' ingratitude, he lived a secluded life
tomblesswithout a tombstone, lacking a memorial
trickingcostumes, ornamentation, decking out, costumery
truetrue to one's promise, faithful to one's undertaking
truewell-proportioned, clean-cut, good-looking
twinktwinkling, winking of an eye
uncomfortablecomfortless, inconsolable, heartbreaking
underskinkerunder-wine-waiter, under-tapster
unexperiencedin ignorance, lacking in knowledge
unfirmweak, feeble, lacking in strength
unfurnishedlacking tapestries, without the usual fittings
ungenerative[variant reading] lacking the power of generation, impotent
ungenituredlacking genitals, sterile, impotent
ungentleunkind, callous, inconsiderate
ungentlyunkindly, roughly, rudely
unkindhostile, cruel, harsh
unkindunnatural, abnormal, aberrant
unkindlacking in family affection, with no respect for kinship
unkindlycruelly, harshly; also: unnaturally
unkindnessunnatural behaviour, abnormal conduct
unkindnessingratitude, unthankfulness, lack of appreciation
unkindnessoffence, ill-will, umbrage
unkingdepose, dethrone, deprive of kingship
unkingeddeposed, dethroned, deprived of kingship
unkinglikenot regal, not befitting a king
unlaidnot driven out by an exorcist, not prevented from walking
unlicensedwithout permission, lacking the assent
unmeritableunworthy, undeserving, lacking in merit
unnaturalagainst natural feeling, not in accord with kinship
unnaturalnessconduct against natural feeling, behaviour not in accord with kinship
unpeopleddevoid of people, lacking retinue, without servants
unpinkedunadorned, lacking ornamentation
unpurposedunintentional, unwitting, unthinking
unreasonablelacking the faculty of reason, irrational
unrespectedof little value, lacking real interest
unrespectiveundiscriminating, making no distinction, all-inclusive
unscannedunthinking, unconsidered, thoughtless
unsealedlacking formal confirmation, without legal ratification
unsecretlacking in secrecy, unconfidential
unspeakingunable to speak out, incapable of speech
unsubstantiallacking in material substance, intangible
unswayedunwielded, uncontrolled, lacking direction
untenderungentle, unkind; or: unyielding
untimberedlacking a strong wooden frame; unsound, frail
untrimmedunadorned, lacking ornament
unyokestop working, cease labouring
upwardupturned, looking upwards
usuringexpecting ample interest, looking for maximum return
vacantlacking, devoid, deficient
valancedrapery making up the border of a bed canopy
virtuegoodness, benevolence, kindness
visagedfeatured, looking
voidempty, lacking, devoid
vouchsafedwell-bestowed, kindly granted
voxproper voice, right manner of speaking
wakingawake, wakeful
walkexercise, take out walking
wardenmade from a variety of baking pear
wassaildrinking-party, carousal, revels
welkinsky, firmament, heavens
welkinheavenly blue
welkinout of one's element, none of one's business
well-beseemingfine-looking, well-ordered
well-favouredgood-looking, attractive in appearance
well-likingthriving, healthy, in good condition
well-seemingattractively looking, presenting a plausible appearance
wenchlesslacking in women
white[unclear meaning] clearly, lacking colour
whitelypale-complexioned, light-skinned
willdesire, wish, liking, inclination
winkingshutting the eyes
winkingwith closed petals
winkingwith closed eyes
winkingclosed, shut
witreasoning, thinking, deliberation
wivingmarriage, marrying, taking a wife
woolwardwearing wool next to the skin
workingbeing used, being worked upon [by the world]
workingaim, endeavour, performance
workingperception, mental operation, insight
workingeffort, exertion, labour
workingmoving, full of emotion
workingoperation, action, activity
working-dayworkaday, everyday, humdrum
working-houseworkhouse, place of industry
worldwhole of mankind, human race, mass of society
wrong-incensedinflamed with wrath, kindled with rage
Xerxes[pron: 'zerkseez] king of Persia, 5th-c BC
yokingembracing, enfolding, enclosing
Zenelophon[pron: ze'nelofon] beggar-girl of a romantic ballad, loved by an African king


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ability, lacking allingenious
action, taking legalaction-taking
adulteration [in baking]leaven
advances, making ofaccosting
affected manner of speakingcarve
affected way of walkingambling
affection, lacking in familyunkind
ahead, lookingprovision
akin, closelygerman
always drinkingever-bibbing
animal skins, clothed inleathern
around, talking [a subject]encompassment
Arthur, KingMerlin
Arthur, KingPendragon
Arthur, KingGuinevere
Arthur, KingCamelot
Arthur, KingDagonet, Sir
artifice, lackingnatural
assent, lacking theunlicensed
attacking stroke [in fencing]offence
attention to detail, painstakingcuriosity
attractively lookingwell-seeming
authority, kinglysovereignty
backing upbacking
baking, cut up into little pieces forminced
befitting a king, notunkinglike
behave mockinglydally
behaviour not in accord with kinshipunnaturalness
birth, kingdom ofbirthdom
blacking [from a burnt torch]link
black-skinned personEthiopian
black-skinned personblackamoor
blocking out [of sound]deafing
breaking awaystarting
breaking inintrusion
breaking offstop
breaking upsegregation
breaking wavesbreach
breaking, previousbefore-breach
bumpkin, countryclown
cancel by making a paymentbuy
character, lacking inimperfect
character, lacking in depth ofshallow
clock, figure of a man striking a bell on ajack
closely akingerman
clothed in animal skinsleathern
coat made of skinskin-coat
coins, makingcoining
colour, lackingwhite
companion, old drinkingEphesian
compassion, evokingpiteously
condition, heated [through drinking]inflammation
confidence, lackingdistrustful
confirmation, lacking formalunsealed
constrain [by invoking divine powers]conjure
control [by invoking divine powers]conjure
convictions, lacking realsoft-conscienced
cooking meat over a fire, implement forspit
copies, making falseforging
country bumpkinclown
cover the skin with scabstetter
crack in the skinchaps, chops
creative thinkingsupposing
crest, lacking a heraldiccrestless
cross by walkingoverwalk
cuckold, making ahorning
cut up into little pieces for bakingminced
death, yielding two kinds of double-fatal
decking outfacing
deficiency, making up thesupplyant
deprive of kingshipunking
detail, painstaking attention tocuriosity
devious vows, makingcrafty-swearing
direction of lookinggaze
direction, lackingunswayed
dishonour a man by making his wife unfaithfulcuckold
displeasing news, speakingill-uttering
distinction, making nounrespective
distinctive signs, lacking anycharacterless
dowry, lacking adowerless
drapery making up the border of a bed canopyvalance
drinking between mealsby-drinking
drinking companion, true Corinthian
drinking milk produced after the birth of a calfbeest-eating
drinking of a healthpledge
drinking songsong of good life
drinking vessel containing two quartspottle
drinking, alwaysever-bibbing
entertain kindlycherish
everyone partaking, with divided
evil, the king'sEvil
exceptions, making noexceptless
eye, winking of an twink
face like a kingface-royal
faces, makingmopping
fair-skinned, notsunburnt
faithful to one's undertakingtrue
false copies, makingforging
family affection, lacking inunkind
favours, forever looking forstill-soliciting
feel, lacking the ability tostupefied
feeling of kinshipkindness
feeling, sinkingqualm
fermenting element [in baking]leaven
find by lookinglook
finish it off [drinking call]play
finish speakingsay
fire, implement for cooking meat over aspit
fire, piece of wood kindled in thefirebrand
fit of fever/shakingague-fit
fit of shakingague-fit
fit, shakingpalsy
folds of loose skin around the throat, withdewlapped
foresight, lackingimprovident
foundation, lacking abaseless
frame, lacking a strong woodenuntimbered
freight, making up thefraughting
generation, lacking the power ofungenerative
genitals, lackingungenitured
gentry, landowner ranking below thefranklin
glory, seekingglorious
God, lacking reverence towardsimpious
good, makingproof
good-looking, makefair
grace, lackingrough
grace, lackingdisgraceful
granted, kindlyvouchsafed
grave-lookingsad-eyed, sad-faced
gunpowder, substance used for making saltpetre
hawk, inferior kind ofstaniel
hawk, inferior kind ofbuzzard
health, drinking of apledge
heated condition [through drinking]inflammation
hiccup [from drinking]hick
highest ranking personbest
high-ranking ladymadam
idea, workingoperation
inclination, lackingheart
indulgence, kindfavour
infusing mixture [in baking]leaven
inheritance, lackingintestate
insight, lackingdull-eyed
instrument for picking lockspicklock
interest, lacking realunrespected
involve in an undertakingembark
joyful, makinggladding
keenness, lackingdull
kind actkindness
kind indulgencefavour
kind naturekindness
kind welcomecheer
kindled with ragewrong-incensed
kindling woodbavin
kindly entertaincherish
kindly grantedvouchsafed
kindly, receiveentertain
kindly, thinkthink
kindness, act oflove
kindness, act offriendship
kindness, act ofbounty
kindness, naturalgoodness
king's evil, theEvil
king, face like aface-royal
king, like aroyal
king, not befitting aunkinglike
king, official acting for an absentcommissioner
king, play the part of amonarchize
kingdom of birthbirthdom
kingdom, constituted as akingdomed
kingly authoritysovereignty
kingly titlename
kingship, deprive ofunking
kinship, closepropinquity
kinship, feeling ofkindness
kinship, not in accord withunnatural
kinship, with no respect forunkind
kitchen, pastry-making part of thepastry
knowledge, lacking inunexperienced
knowledge, seekinginquisitive
known, makingdenotement
lacking, notneedless
lady, high-rankingmadam
landowner ranking below the gentryfranklin
language to describe, lackingphraseless
largest kindextreme
laugh mockinglyfleer
leg, stocking for the lowernether-stock
leg, stocking for the lowerboot-hose
legal action, takingaction-taking
life, lackingcold
light, lacking indusky
locking mechanismspring
locks, instrument for pickingpicklock
looking afteroverlooking
looking aheadprovision
looking from outsideoutward
looking likesemblative
looking onspeculation
looking upwardsupward
looking, direction ofgaze
looking, find bylook
love-making, of allowedchaste
lower rankingmeaner
lowest rankingmeanest
lustre, lackingdim
making upcomposition
mankind, whole ofworld
map-making, meremappery
markings, with variedcheckered
martial undertakingexploit
material substance, lacking inunsubstantial
meals, drinking betweenby-drinking
means of making moneycoinage
measurement, task of checking measuring
mechanism, lockingspring
memorial, lacking atombless
merit, lacking inunmeritable
milk produced after the birth of a calf, drinkingbeest-eating
minute by minute, taking place minutely
mixture, infusing [in baking]leaven
mocking expressionmow
mocking manner, in agibingly
mocking remarkmock
mockingly laughfleer
mockingly, behavedally
money, means of makingcoinage
mouths, makingmowing
music, makingsounding
natural kindnessgoodness
nature, kindkindness
neck, loose skin folds hanging about thedewlap
night, outdo in making references to theoutnight
now, taking placepresent
oath-taking, moment ofswearing
offensive, taking theoffering
official acting for the king in his absencecommissioner
opposite path to the prey, taking an counter
order, revokingcountermand
ornament, lackingplainsong
ornament, lackinguntrimmed
ornamentation, lackingunpinked
outdo in making references to the nightoutnight
outer skinslough
outside, looking fromoutward
overlooking shorebrow
owner, lacking anmasterless
pains, taking greatpainfully
painstaking attention to detailcuriosity
partaking, with everyonedivided
passion, lacking sensualcold
pastry-making part of the kitchenpastry
payment, cancel by makingbuy
pear, made from a variety of bakingwarden
person, highest ranking/most eminentbest
picking locks, instrument forpicklock
pieces, cut up into little [for baking]minced
place for public speakingpulpit
play a king's partmonarchize
polish, lackingrude
ponderously walkingheavy-gaited
precautions, without taking proper militarycarelessly
present kind regardscommend
pretentiously walkingmince
prevent from walkinglay
previous breakingbefore-breach
pricking like a thornthorny-pricking
pride in, takingproud
print, making noprintless
provoking madnessmadding
public speaking placepulpit
quality, strikingrarity
rage, kindled withwrong-incensed
ranking, highest [person]best
ranking, lowermeaner
ranking, lowestmeanest
rapidly workingspeeding
rapidly workingsoon-speeding
reason, lacking the faculty ofunreasonable
receive kindlyentertain
regards, present kindcommend
remark, mockingmock
respect, lacking inaweless
responsibility, person undertaking a legalsurety
retinue, lackingunpeopled
return, looking for maximumusuring
reverence towards God, lackingimpious
revoking ordercountermand
rifle, early kind ofmusket
right manner of speakingvox
scabs, cover the skin withtetter
scaly eruption of the skintetter
secrecy, lacking inunsecret
secretly speakingclose-tongued
seeking gloryglorious
seeking knowledgeinquisitive
self-restraint, lackingincontinence
sensation, lacking humansenseless
sense, lacking insenseless
sense, lacking infoolish
senses, inflamed [through drinking]inflammation
sensual passion, lackingcold
shaking [as caused by a fever]ague
shaking [as with a fever]agued
shaking fitpalsy
shaking, fit ofague-fit
shape, takingshape
shore, overlookingbrow
side, taking neitherneuter
signs, lacking any distinctivecharacterless
sinking feelingqualm
sixpence made in a coin-making millmill-sixpence
skilfully workingcontriving
skin and bonesanatomy
skin diseaseserpigo
skin folds hanging about the neckdewlap
skin, coat made ofskin-coat
skin, cover withskin
skin, cover with scabstetter
skin, crack in thechaps, chops
skin, outerslough
skin, scaly eruption of thetetter
skin, with tightened braced
skinny individualstarveling
skinny personbare-bone
skins, clothed in animalleathern
small drinking vesselcanakin, cannakin
society, lacking the benefits ofinsociable
solidity, lackingslight
son of the French kingdauphin
song, drinkingsong of good life
speaking displeasing newsill-uttering
speaking in oppositioncontradiction
speaking secretlyclose-tongued
speaking, attempt ataccent
speaking, finishsay
speaking, in a manner ofmanner
speaking, manner ofdialect
speaking, place for publicpulpit
speaking, right manner ofvox
spells, workingspelling
spirit to respond, lacking thebarren-spirited
stocking for the lower legnether-stock
stocking for the lower legboot-hose
stocking, dark-coloured woollenpuke-stocking
stop talkingbreak
stop workingunyoke
strength, lacking inheart
strength, lacking inunfirm
strength, lacking infaint
striking qualityrarity
striking, surpass inoutstrike
stroke, attacking [in fencing]offence
substance used for making gunpowdersaltpetre
substance, lackinginsubstantial
substance, lacking in materialunsubstantial
sucking rabbitrabbit-sucker
sudden checking [of a horse]stop
supper, takingsupping
surpass in strikingoutstrike
taking placefoot
taking place minute by minuteminutely
talking around [a subject]encompassment
talking, stopbreak
talking, way of accent
tapestries, lackingunfurnished
task of checking measurementmeasuring
think kindlythink
thinking, creativesupposing
thinking, way ofdevice
thinking, withoutextempore
thorn, pricking like athorny-pricking
throat, with folds of loose skin around the dewlapped
title, kinglyname
together, workingcoactive
true drinking companionCorinthian
two kinds of death, yielding double-fatal
undertaking, faithful to one'strue
undertaking, involve in anembark
undertaking, martialexploit
unthinking personinconsiderate
upwards lookingupward
vessel, small drinkingcanakin, cannakin
vigour, lackingsapless
volunteer, non-rankinggentleman of a company
vows, making deviouscrafty-swearing
walking [in heraldry]passant
walking in an affected wayambling
walking ponderouslyheavy-gaited
walking pretentiouslymince
walking, affected way of ambling
walking, cross byoverwalk
walking, manner ofgait
walking, not prevented fromunlaid
walking, prevent fromlay
walking, take outwalk
walking, way ofpace
waves, breakingbreach
way of walkingpace
wearing wool next to the skinwoolward
welcome, kindcheer
wife, taking awiving
winking of an eyetwink
women, lacking inwenchless
wood kindled in the fire, piece offirebrand
wood, kindlingbavin
wooden frame, lacking a stronguntimbered
wool next to the skin, wearing woolward
woollen stocking, dark-colouredpuke-stocking
working ideaoperation
working outcomputation
working rapidlyspeeding
working rapidlysoon-speeding
working skilfullycontriving
working togethercoactive
working, capable ofoperative
working, stopunyoke

Words Families

 53 result(s).
Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
HEARTEMOTIONkind-hearted adj
KILLPEOPLEking-killer n
KINBASICakin adj, kin n, kindred adj, kindred n
KINPEOPLEkinsman n, kinswoman n
KIND [nice]BASICkind adj, kindly adj, kindly adv
KIND [nice]INTENSITYoverkind adj, overkindness n
KIND [nice]STATEhuman-kindness n, kind-hearted adj
KIND [nice]NOTkindless adj, unkind adj, unkindly adv, unkindness n
KIND [sort]BASICkind n, mankind n
KINDLEBASICkindle v, kindling adj
KINDLEACTIONenkindle v, enkindled adj
KINDLESTATEfiery-kindled adj, love-kindling adj, wrath-kindled adj
KINDLETIMEnew-enkindled adj
KINETYPEmilch-kine n
KINGBASICking n, king v, kingly adj, kingly adv
KINGPEOPLEharlot-king n, king-killer n
KINGPLACEkingdom n
KINGSTATEkingdomed adj, kingly-poor adj
KINGNOTunking v, unkinglike adj
POORSTATEkingly-poor adj