The Merchant of Venice
VENICE BELMONT LEONARDO [Bellario] BALTHASAR STEPHANO BASSANIO PORTIA (Balthasar) SOLANIO SHYLOCK TUBAL OLD GOBBO JESSICA SALERIO LORENZO GRATIANO DUKE close friends LAUNCELOT GOBBO (earlier, servant of Shylock) LAUNCELOT GOBBO (later, servant of Bassanio) ANTONIO merchant NERISSA (Clerk) Prince of MOROCCO Prince of ARRAGON servants servant daughter son servants cousins suitors lovers lovers waiting- woman friends friends G a o l e r C L E R K F o l l o w e r s M E S S E N G E R M u s i c i a n s d e b t o r l o v e r s DUKE 705019 THE DUKE OF VENICE MOROCCO 705028 THE PRINCE OF MOROCCO ARRAGON 705015 THE PRINCE OF ARRAGON ANTONIO 705014 ANTONIO, a merchant of Venice BASSANIO 705017 BASSANIO, his friend, suitor of Portia PORTIA 705030 PORTIA, the Lady of Belmont [later, disguised as Balthasar] SHYLOCK 705033 SHYLOCK, a Jew of Venice GRATIANO 705021 GRATIANO [Graziano] SALERIO 705031 SALERIO SOLANIO 705034 SOLANIO [Solarino; Salarino; Salaryno] LORENZO 705025 LORENZO, in love with Jessica NERISSA 705029 NERISSA, Portias waiting-woman [later, disguised as Clerk] JESSICA 705022 JESSICA, daughter of Shylock TUBAL 705036 TUBAL, a Jew of Venice, Shylocks friend LEONARDO 705024 LEONARDO, servant of Bassanio BALTHASAR 705016 BALTHASAR, servant of Portia STEPHANO 705035 STEPHANO [Stefano] LAUNCELOT 705023 LAUNCELOT GOBBO, servant of Shylock [Clown; Lancelot] GOBBO 705020 OLD GOBBO, father of Launcelot SERVINGMAN 705032 SERVINGMAN MAN 705026 Man, servant of Antonio SINGER 705883 Singers ALL 705013 Singers CLERK 705018 CLERK MESSENGER 705027 MESSENGER

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