As You Like It
c o u r t i e r s FOREST OF ARDEN OLD COURT NEW COURT L o r d s (usurper) DUKE Frederick CELIA (Aliena) TOUCHSTONE CHARLES 1ST LORD LE BEAU daughter daughter wrestler clown lovers servant [Sir Rowland de Boys] sons later lovers confederates courtiers witty antagonists later marries cousins brothers shepherdess suitor of Ganymede wench suitor youth vicar shepherds PHEBE AUDREY WILLIAM SILVIUS CORIN SIR OLIVER Martext Country People AMIENS DENNIS ADAM LORD JAQUES JAQUES DE BOYS (usurped) DUKE Senior Masquer as HYMEN ORLANDO (youngest) ROSALIND (Ganymede) OLIVER (eldest) 1ST PAGE 1ST LORD 2ND LORD 2ND LORD 2ND PAGE AMIENS 705261 AMIENS JAQUES 705271 JAQUES LE BEAU 705273 LE BEAU, a courtier CHARLES 705264 CHARLES, a wrestler OLIVER 705276 OLIVER ORLANDO 705277 ORLANDO ADAM 705259 ADAM DENNIS 705266 DENNIS TOUCHSTONE 705285 THE CLOWN, alias TOUCHSTONE SIR OLIVER 705284 SIR OLIVER MARTEXT, a country vicar CORIN 705265 CORIN SILVIUS 705283 SILVIUS WILLIAM 705286 WILLIAM, a country youth, in love with Audrey ROSALIND 705280 ROSALIND, daughter of Duke Senior, later disguised as GANYMEDE [Rose] CELIA 705263 CELIA, daughter of Duke Frederick, later disguised as ALIENA PHEBE 705279 PHEBE, a shepherdess [Phoebe] AUDREY 705262 AUDREY, a country wench JAQUES DE BOYS 705272 JAQUES DE BOYS HYMEN 705270 A masquer representing HYMEN ALL TOGETHER 705260 AMIENS LORD 705274 LORD FIRST PAGE 705269 FIRST PAGE PAGES 705278 FIRST PAGE SECOND PAGE 705282 SECOND PAGE PAGES 705278 SECOND PAGE LORDS 705275 UNISON Lords DUKE FREDERICK 705884 DUKE FREDERICK, his brother, the usurper DUKE 705267 DUKE SENIOR, a banished duke FIRST LORD 705268 FIRST LORD SECOND LORD 705281 SECOND LORD FIRST LORD TO FREDERICK 705885 FIRST LORD SECOND LORD TO FREDERICK 705886 SECOND LORD ALL TOGETHER 705260 UNISON Lords ALL TOGETHER 705260 FIRST LORD ALL TOGETHER 705260 SECOND LORD ALL TOGETHER 705260 LORD

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