Titus Andronicus
LUCIUS ARMY ROMAN COURT GOTH PRISONERS ANDRONICUS FAMILY DEMETRIUS (Murder) Alarbus BASSIANUS AEMILIUS ROMAN CHIRON (Rape) GOTHS general kinsmen brothers children marries lord brothers marries carer lovers son sons rape child SATURNINUS Emperor of Rome AARON a Moor TAMORA Queen of Goths (Revenge) TITUS Andronicus Sempronius CAPTAIN LAVINIA LUCIUS QUINTUS MARTIUS MUTIUS YOUNG LUCIUS Caius CLOWN NURSE MESSENGER Valentine 1ST 2ND A GOTH S e n a t o r s T R I B U N E S F o l l o w e r s A t t e n d a n t s B a b y son MARCUS PUBLIUS SATURNINUS 705113 SATURNINUS, newly elected Emperor of Rome [Saturnine] BASSIANUS 705096 BASSIANUS, brother of Saturninus TITUS 705116 Titus ANDRONICUS, Roman general MARCUS 705104 Marcus ANDRONICUS, Roman Tribune, brother of Titus LUCIUS 705103 LUCIUS QUINTUS 705111 QUINTUS MARTIUS 705105 MARTIUS MARTIUS <i>and</i> QUINTUS 705106 MARTIUS MARTIUS <i>and</i> QUINTUS 705106 QUINTUS MUTIUS 705108 MUTIUS LAVINIA 705102 LAVINIA daughter of Titus Andronicus YOUNG LUCIUS 705118 YOUNG LUCIUS a boy, son of Lucius and grandson to Titus Andronicus AEMILIUS 705093 AEMILIUS a noble Roman [Emilius] TAMORA 705115 TAMORA Queen of the Goths; later, Em - press of Rome [also disguised as Revenge] DEMETRIUS 705100 DEMETRIUS [also disguised as Murder] CHIRON 705098 CHIRON [also disguised as Rape] AARON 705092 AARON, a Moor, and Tamoras lover NURSE 705109 NURSE CLOWN 705099 CLOWN MESSENGER 705107 MESSENGER CAPTAIN 705097 Roman CAPTAIN TRIBUNES 705117 Roman TRIBUNES FIRST GOTH 705101 FIRST GOTH SECOND GOTH 705114 SECOND GOTH ALL THE GOTHS 705095 UNISON Goths A GOTH 705090 A GOTH PUBLIUS 705110 PUBLIUS, son of Marcus Andronicus ROMANS 705112 ROMANS A ROMAN 705091 A ROMAN ALL 705094 UNISON Titussons and brother

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