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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
All's Well That Ends WellAW I.ii.30And wore us out of act. It much repairs meAnd wore vs out of act: It much repaires me
All's Well That Ends WellAW II.i.152The help of heaven we count the act of men.The help of heauen we count the act of men.
All's Well That Ends WellAW III.vii.7.1In any staining act.In any staining act.
All's Well That Ends WellAW III.vii.46And lawful meaning in a lawful act,And lawfull meaning in a lawfull act,
All's Well That Ends WellAW IV.iii.45deal of his act.deale of his act.
Antony and CleopatraAC I.ii.144which commits some loving act upon her, she hath suchwhich commits some louing acte vpon her, she hath such
Antony and CleopatraAC II.ii.50Did urge me in his act. I did inquire it,Did vrge me in his Act: I did inquire it,
Antony and CleopatraAC II.ii.152Further this act of grace, and from this hourFurther this act of Grace: and from this houre,
Antony and CleopatraAC II.vii.78Hath so betrayed thine act. Being done unknown,Hath so betraide thine acte. Being done vnknowne,
Antony and CleopatraAC III.i.13May make too great an act. For learn this, Silius:May make too great an act. For learne this Sillius,
Antony and CleopatraAC V.ii.284To praise my noble act. I hear him mockTo praise my Noble Act. I heare him mock
Antony and CleopatraAC V.ii.330To see performed the dreaded act which thouTo see perform'd the dreaded Act which thou
CoriolanusCor I.i.80support usurers; repeal daily any wholesome act establishedsupport Vsurers; repeale daily any wholsome Act established
CoriolanusCor I.ii.5That could be brought to bodily act ere RomeThat could be brought to bodily act, ere Rome
CoriolanusCor I.ix.19.1Hath overta'en mine act.Hath ouerta'ne mine Act.
CoriolanusCor II.ii.94When he might act the woman in the scene,When he might act the Woman in the Scene,
CymbelineCym I.vi.22Allayments to their act, and by them gatherAllayments to their Act, and by them gather
CymbelineCym II.i.60Of thy dear husband, than that horrid actOf thy deere Husband. Then that horrid Act
CymbelineCym III.ii.21Art thou a feodary for this act, and look'stArt thou a Fodarie for this Act; and look'st
CymbelineCym III.iii.53As record of fair act. Nay, many times,As Record of faire Act. Nay, many times
CymbelineCym III.iv.26must act for me, if thy faith be not tainted with themust acte for me, if thy Faith be not tainted with the
CymbelineCym III.iv.93It is no act of common passage, butIt is no acte of common passage, but
CymbelineCym V.iii.29Three thousand confident, in act as many – Three thousand confident, in acte as many:
CymbelineCym V.v.265What, mak'st thou me a dullard in this act?What, mak'st thou me a dullard in this Act?
HamletHam I.ii.205Almost to jelly with the act of fear,Almost to Ielly with the Act of feare,
HamletHam I.iii.26As he in his particular act and placeAs he in his peculiar Sect and force
HamletHam I.iii.60Nor any unproportioned thought his act.Nor any vnproportion'd thought his Act:
HamletHam I.v.84But howsomever thou pursues this act,But howsoeuer thou pursuest this Act,
HamletHam III.i.127shape, or time to act them in. What should such fellowsshape, or time to acte them in. What should such Fellowes
HamletHam III.ii.88I prithee, when thou seest that act afoot,I prythee, when thou see'st that Acte a-foot,
HamletHam III.iii.91At game, a-swearing, or about some actAt gaming, swearing, or about some acte
HamletHam III.iv.41.2Such an actSuch an Act
HamletHam III.iv.52.1Is thought-sick at the act.Is thought-sicke at the act.
HamletHam III.iv.52.2Ay me, what act,Aye me; what act,
HamletHam V.i.11argues an act, and an act hath three branches – it is toargues an Act: and an Act hath three branches. It is an
HamletHam V.i.12act, to do, and to perform. Argal, she drowned herselfAct to doe and to performe; argall she drown'd her selfe
HamletHam V.ii.329That are but mutes or audience to this act,That are but Mutes or audience to this acte:
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.i.156To feed contention in a lingering act;To feede Contention in a ling'ring Act:
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.iii.114sack commences it and sets it in act and use. HereofSack commences it, and sets it in act, and vse. Hereof
Henry VH5 I.chorus.3A kingdom for a stage, princes to act,A Kingdome for a Stage, Princes to Act,
Henry VH5 I.ii.189The act of order to a peopled kingdom.The Act of Order to a peopled Kingdome.
Henry VH5 II.ii.17Doing the execution and the actDoing the execution, and the acte,
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.103And with the same to act controlling laws.And with the same to acte controlling Lawes:
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.iii.10Persuaded him from any further act;Perswaded him from any further act:
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.i.245Before I would have granted to that act.Before I would haue granted to that Act.
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.i.249Until that act of parliament be repealedVntill that Act of Parliament be repeal'd,
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.ii.91Have caused him by new act of parliamentHaue caus'd him by new Act of Parliament,
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.vi.10What scene of death hath Roscius now to act?What Scene of death hath Rossius now to Acte?
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.85For our best act. If we shall stand still,For our best Act: if we shall stand still,
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.195The part my father meant to act uponThe Part my Father meant to act vpon
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.182Does pay the act of it, as, i'th' contrary,Does pay the Act of it, as i'th'contrary
Henry VIIIH8 epilogue.3And sleep an act or two; but those, we fear,And sleepe an Act or two; but those we feare
Julius CaesarJC II.i.176Stir up their servants to an act of rage,Stirre vp their Seruants to an acte of Rage,
Julius CaesarJC III.i.166As by our hands and this our present actAs by our hands, and this our present Acte
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.270How much more to infringe the holy actHow much more to infringe the holy act,
King JohnKJ III.i.274The better act of purposes mistookThe better Act of purposes mistooke,
King JohnKJ III.iii.57Though that my death were adjunct to my act,Though that my death were adiunct to my Act,
King JohnKJ III.iv.149This act, so evilly borne, shall cool the heartsThis Act so euilly borne shall coole the hearts
King JohnKJ IV.ii.18This act is as an ancient tale new told,This acte, is as an ancient tale new told,
King JohnKJ IV.ii.240And consequently thy rude hand to actAnd consequently, thy rude hand to acte
King JohnKJ IV.iii.126To this most cruel act, do but despair;To this most cruell Act: do but dispaire,
King JohnKJ IV.iii.135If I in act, consent, or sin of thoughtIf I in act, consent, or sinne of thought,
King JohnKJ V.i.45Be great in act, as you have been in thought;Be great in act, as you haue beene in thought:
King LearKL II.i.18Which I must act. Briefness and fortune work! – Which I must act, Briefenesse, and Fortune worke.
King LearKL II.iv.108Should he sit here? This act persuades meShould he sit heere? This act perswades me,
King LearKL III.iv.84my mistress' heart and did the act of darkness with her,my Mistris heart, and did the acte of darkenesse with her.
King LearKL III.vii.86.1To quit this horrid act.To quit this horrid acte.
King LearKL IV.ii.74Opposed against the act, bending his swordOppos'd against the act: bending his Sword
MacbethMac I.iii.127As happy prologues to the swelling ActAs happy Prologues to the swelling Act
MacbethMac I.vii.40To be the same in thine own act and valourTo be the same in thine owne Act, and Valour,
MacbethMac II.iv.5Thou seest the heavens, as troubled with man's act,Thou seest the Heauens, as troubled with mans Act,
MacbethMac III.i.53To act in safety. There is none but heTo act in safetie. There is none but he,
Measure for MeasureMM I.ii.169Now puts the drowsy and neglected actNow puts the drowsie and neglected Act
Measure for MeasureMM I.iv.64As mice by lions, hath picked out an act,As Myce, by Lyons) hath pickt out an act,
Measure for MeasureMM II.ii.104Lives not to act another. Be satisfiedLiues not to act another. Be satisfied;
Measure for MeasureMM II.iii.26So then it seems your most offenceful actSo then it seemes your most offence full act
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.70Condemned upon the act of fornicationCondemnd vpon the Act of Fornication
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.448His act did not o'ertake his bad intent,his Act did not ore-take his bad intent,
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.iii.80Between these woolly breeders in the act,Betweene these woolly breeders in the act,
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.19To the last hour of act, and then 'tis thoughtTo the last houre of act, and then 'tis thought
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.311.2Thyself shalt see the act,Thy selfe shalt see the Act:
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW II.i.91Nay, I will consent to act any villainyNay, I wil consent to act any villany
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW III.iii.36I warrant thee. If I do not act it, hiss me.I warrant thee, if I do not act it, hisse me.
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW IV.ii.100We do not act that often jest and laugh;We do not acte that often, iest, and laugh,
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND III.ii.464ExitThey sleepe all the Act.
OthelloOth I.i.63The native act and figure of my heartThe natiue act, and figure of my heart
OthelloOth I.i.152Which even now stand in act, that for their souls(Which euen now stands in Act) that for their soules
OthelloOth I.i.172By what you see them act. Is there not charmsBy what you see them act. Is there not Charmes,
OthelloOth II.i.221made dull with the act of sport, there should be, againmade dull with the Act of Sport, there should be a game
OthelloOth III.iii.133Though I am bound to every act of duty,Though I am bound to euery Acte of dutie,
OthelloOth III.iii.325But, with a little act upon the blood,But with a little acte vpon the blood,
OthelloOth IV.ii.162To do the act that might the addition earnTo do the Act, that might the addition earne,
OthelloOth V.ii.189.1O monstrous act!O monstrous Acte.
OthelloOth V.ii.202I know this act shows horrible and grim.I know this acte shewes horrible and grim.
OthelloOth V.ii.210That she with Cassio hath the act of shameThat she with Cassio, hath the Act of shame
OthelloOth V.ii.367This heavy act with heavy heart relate.This heauie Act, with heauie heart relate.
PericlesPer I.i.93Few love to hear the sins they love to act.Few loue to heare the sinnes they loue to act,
PericlesPer I.ii.18Since he's so great can make his will his act,Since hee's so great, can make his will his act,
PericlesPer V.i.139Extremity out of act. What were thy friends?extremitie out of act, what were thy friends?
Richard IIR2 IV.i.138And future ages groan for this foul act.And future Ages groane for his foule Act.
Richard IIIR3 II.ii.39To make an act of tragic violence.To make an act of Tragicke violence.
Richard IIIR3 IV.iii.1The tyrannous and bloody act is done,The tyrannous and bloodie Act is done,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.vi.1So smile the heavens upon this holy act,So smile the heauens vpon this holy act,
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.iii.19My dismal scene I needs must act alone.My dismall Sceane, I needs must act alone:
The TempestTem I.ii.273To act her earthy and abhorred commands,To act her earthy, and abhord commands,
The TempestTem II.i.256And, by that destiny, to perform an act(And by that destiny) to performe an act
The TempestTem V.i.73Thy brother was a furtherer in the act.Thy brother was a furtherer in the Act,
Timon of AthensTim V.i.24is ever the duller for his act; and but in the plaineris euer the duller for his acte, / And but in the plainer
Troilus and CressidaTC I.iii.199Forestall prescience, and esteem no actFore-stall prescience, and esteeme no acte
Troilus and CressidaTC I.iii.348And choice, being mutual act of all our souls,And choise being mutuall acte of all our soules,
Troilus and CressidaTC II.ii.120We may not think the justness of each actWe may not thinke the iustnesse of each acte
Troilus and CressidaTC III.ii.81boundless, and the act a slave to limit.boundlesse, and the act a slaue to limit.
Troilus and CressidaTC III.ii.86They that have the voice of lions and the act of hares,They that haue the voyce of Lyons, and the act of Hares:
Troilus and CressidaTC III.iii.131An act that very chance doth throw upon him – An act that very chance doth throw vpon him?
Twelfth NightTN I.iv.26It shall become thee well to act my woes;It shall become thee well to act my woes:
Twelfth NightTN IV.iii.35That they may fairly note this act of mine!That they may fairely note this acte of mine.
Twelfth NightTN V.i.244He finished indeed his mortal actHe finished indeed his mortall acte
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.i.164This grand act of our life, this daring deedThis grand act of our life, this daring deede
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.ii.69To his own nerves and act; commands men service,To his owne Nerves and act; Commands men service,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.i.70Speak this and act it in your glass as toSpeake this, and act it in your Glasse, as to
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.ii.24As to deny my act; but that I would not,As to deny my act, but that I would not,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.i.165With sacred act advances: but one rose!With sacred act advances: But one Rose,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.iii.14Shall make and act the story, the beliefShall make, and act the Story, the beleife
The Winter's TaleWT II.i.181For in an act of this importance 'twere(For in an Acte of this importance, 'twere
The Winter's TaleWT III.ii.50The bound of honour, or in act or willThe bound of Honor, or in act, or will
The Winter's TaleWT V.ii.77The dignity of this act was worthThe Dignitie of this Act was worth


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
The Passionate PilgrimPP.11.10 And with her lips on his did act the seizure: And with her lips on his did act the seizure:
The Rape of LucreceLuc.199 O impious act including all foul harms! O impious act including all foule harmes.
The Rape of LucreceLuc.350 How can they then assist me in the act? How can they then assist me in the act?
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1636 The loathsome act of lust, and so did kill The lothsome act of Lust, and so did kill
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1637 The lechers in their deed: this act will be The lechors in their deed, this Act will be
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1704 May my pure mind with the foul act dispense, May my pure mind with the fowle act dispence
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1824 For his foul act by whom thy fair wife bleeds? For his fowle Act, by whom the faire wife bleeds?
SonnetsSonn.152.3 In act thy bed-vow broke and new faith torn, In act thy bed-vow broake and new faith torne,
Venus and AdonisVen.1006 I did but act, he's author of thy slander. I did but act, he's author of thy slaunder.


 735 result(s).
acontracted form of ‘have’
acontracted form of ‘he’
abilityaction one is capable of
abomination, abhominationdisgusting vice, shameful act
aboutabout your business, into action
abstract[unclear meaning] something removed, withdrawal; abridgement
abstractsummary, digest
abstractlist, register, inventory
abstractepitome, embodiment, personification
abusecorrupt practice, wicked way
achievementfeat, accomplishment, successful action
acquittancesatisfaction, settlement, discharge [Q1 variant]
actaction (upon a person), effect
actact out, perform, enact
actcommit adultery, be promiscuous
actperformance, staging, production
actprogress, operation, action
actactivity, action, performance
actevent, deed, happening
actplay interval, interlude
actenact, enforce, bring about
Actaeon[pron: ak'tayon] cuckold; hunter who saw Artemis (goddess of chastity) bathing naked; she changed him into a stag, who was killed by his own hounds
actionperformance, exercises, acts
actionmovement, demeanour, gesture
actionengagement, combat, fighting
actioncampaign, military action, strategy
actionencounter, engagement, exploit
actionlaw-suit, legal proceeding, litigation
actioncourse of action, enterprise; or: trial, legal process
actionperformance, acting, theatre presentation
action-takingtaking legal action, litigious
actordoer, performer
actualactive, involving specific activity
actureaction, performance, process of acting
addressprepare, make ready, poise to act
advancebe active, go forward
affectassume, display, put on, practise in an artificial way
affectiondisposition, character, state of mind
affiancemarriage contract, solemn promise to each other
agitationmovement, motion, activity [physical, not mental]
alarumedgalvanized, activated, stirred to action
allureentice, attract, tempt
almscharity, good deed, meritorious act
alms-deedalmsgiving, act of charity
amazementbewilderment, perplexity, distraction
answeract along with, sustain, respond to
answerexplain, excuse, answer satisfactorily
answerrespond, react
appearpresent oneself as, have the character of
applypursue, practise, devote oneself to
approofproven quality, undoubted character
armprepare for action, put armour on
artpractical application, knowledge drawn from experience
articlecharacter, nature, designation
artistmedical practitioner, physician
attorneyedbound, acting as advocate
attorneyshiplegal practices, arrangement between lawyers
awakearouse, prompt, force into action
a-workat work, in action
axletree, axle-treewooden beam acting as the pivot for a cart wheel
backsworda basket-hilted sword with a single-edged blade and a thin back; later, a sword-like stick with a basketwork hilt, used in fencing practice
basenesslowly activity, contemptible work
Basilisco[pron: basi'liskoh] knight character in a contemporary play, Solyman and Perseda
beckingbeckoning, calling, nodding [to action]
becominggrace, quality, befitting action
benefactormalapropism for ‘malefactor’
benefitbounty, benefaction, bestowal of rights [from a feudal lord]
bentready for firing, tensioned for action
best-conditionedbest-natured, of finest character
bestirarouse, rouse, make active
birthnature, kind, natural character
bonddeed, contract, pledge
boundindentured, contracted
bountyact of kindness, good turn
boyrepresent by a boy, reduce to a boy-actor level [boys played the female parts in Shakespeare's time]
brainishdeluded, distracted, deranged
braveswagger, act boastfully, show off
braverydefiant character, threatening appearance
breathingliving, active, lively
breathingexercise, exertion, active employment
briefsummary; contract
briefnessspeedy action, promptness
brokingacting as a broker, bargain-dealing
businessdeed, action, affair, task
busyalways engaged, active, constantly occupied
byby the fact that
Calipolis[pron: ka'lipolis] mother of Muly Mahamet, character in a contemporary play by George Peele, The Battle of Alcazar
caractinsignia, badge, distinctive emblem
carefulprotecting; watchful, acting as a safeguard
carelessinattentive, preoccupied, distracted
carriageconduct, management, course of action
catchcatch the attention of, attract the notice of
causecourt case, legal action, matter before the court
certaintytruth, facts [about]
certaintyinevitability, inescapable fact
charact, caractinsignia, badge, distinctive emblem
characterhandwriting, style of writing, lettering
characterinscribe, engrave, write
characterdistinctive sign, stamp, trait
characterpersonality sketch, personal description
characterletter, letter-shape, graphic symbol
characterwritten record, recorded fact
characterpersonal appearance, demeanour
characterfigure, number
charactershape, emblem
characterlessleaving no trace, lacking any distinctive signs
characterywriting, letters, expression
chargeprepared for action, at the ready
charmingacting as charms, exercising magic power
charmingacting as charms, protecting from evil
choruscharacter in a play who speaks the prologue and comments on the course of events
clack-dishbegging bowl with a lid that could be clacked to attract attention
clapactivate promptly, put on smartly
clefturefissure, crack, fracture
clownyokel, rustic, country bumpkin; also: low comic character [in a play]
co-actbehave together, carry on
coactiveworking together, acting in concert
coloursemblance, outward appearance, character
coloursuitable appearance, appropriate character
combinatebetrothed, contracted, promised
comedianactor, stage player
commercedealings, transactions, intercourse
commissionwarrant, authority [to act]
commissionerofficial acting for the king in his absence
compactagreement, contract, covenant
compactmade up, composed
compactconsolidate, confirm, strengthen
compactallied, in league, in collusion
compactcompound, make up firmly, consolidate
comparisonact of comparing, quibbling, equivocation
composurecharacter, temperament, make-up
conditiondisposition, temper, mood, character
conditionsettlement, terms, pact
conditioncontract, covenant, agreement
confectionarysweetmeat factory, sweet-shop, candy-store
confederateacting as an ally, in league
conformablecompliant, submissive, tractable
confusiondisturbance, distraction, agitation [of the mind]
conjoinmake contact, come together
consentagreement, accord, unanimity, compact
conspirepractise, contrive, plot
constellation[the stars were thought to influence people and events] disposition, character, temperament
contentpleasure, satisfaction, happiness
contentexclamation of agreement or satisfaction
contestationjoint action as enemies, shared antagonism
contractbetroth, engage
contractdraw together, cause to shrink
contractshorten, reduce, lessen
contractshrink, shrivel, cripple
contractingmarriage contract, betrothal
contractionmarriage contract, betrothal
controllerdetractor, censorious critic, slanderer
conversationsocial interaction, society, dealings
converseconversation, discourse, interaction
conversionchange for the better, character transformation
convulsioncramp, spasm, contraction
copeencounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
corruptiondecomposition, putrefaction
cot-queanman acting the housewife, meddler in household affairs
counterfeitingpretending, feigning, acting
coursehabit, custom, practise, normal procedure
coursecourse of action, way of proceeding
covenantcontract, legal agreement, compact
crackedbroken, crushed, fractured
craftskilful activity, cunning plan
craftcarry out a craft; also: act craftily
Cressid, Cressidafickle daughter of Calchas, a priest of Troy; beloved by Troilus, a Trojan prince, she deserted him for Diomed; character in Troilus and Cressida
cuckoldly[term of abuse] with the character of a cuckold
currentpractice, course, way of behaviour
curtsy, curtseyact of courteous respect, deferential action, bow
curvet[of a horse] leap about, act friskily, prance
customhabit, usual practice, customary use
dalliancefrivolity, idleness, wasteful activity
daredisturb, distract
datedue date, agreed day [for the end of a contract]
day(plural) time, delay, period of action
death-practisedwhose death has been plotted
deedperformance, action
deed-achievingachieved by deeds, won by actions
deedlessperforming no deeds, inactive
defeatact of destruction, ruin
definepresent, set forth, characterize
delayset of delaying tactics, procrastination
deputedacting as a symbol of office
derogateact in an undignified way, disparage one's rank
derogationloss of dignity, disparagement, detraction
desert, desartworthy deed, meritorious action
detracttake away, subtract, deduct
detractionslander, calumny, defamation, disparagement
dimay the gods cause your action to be that which makes you best known
dietfeed to a satisfactory level, condition by feeding
differchange character, become different
dilemmachoice of action, alternative position
directionway of proceeding, course of action
directionauthoritative guidance, tactical knowledge, capacity for direction
directlyexactly, rightly, entirely
disablingdisparagement, detraction, belittling
disciplinemilitary strategy, tactics, training in the art of war
discontentdiscontented thought, feeling of dissatisfaction
dishonestydishonour, shameful deed, disgraceful action
displayact, behave, carry on
dissentiousquarrelsome, argumentative, fractious
dissolutionmelting, liquefaction, dissolving
distilmentdistillation, extract
distinctionact of distinguishing, discrimination, differentiation
distract[unclear meaning] perplex, bewilder
distractderanged, mad, mentally disturbed
distractdivide, separate, draw apart
distractdrive mad, derange, unbalance
distractdivided, separated, scattered
distractconfused, perplexed
distractedperplexed, confused, agitated
distractedirrational, foolish, unreasonable
distracteddivided, torn apart, rent asunder
distractedlydisjointedly, erratically, with agitation
distractionperturbation, agitation, frenzied state
distractionmadness, derangement, insanity
distractiondivision, small detachment
doperform, play one's part, act
doingaction, performance, activity
dowdyunattractive woman, shabbily dressed girl
drawdraw in, attract [support]
drawdemand, call forth, extract
drawextend, prolong, protract
duckmake a brief bow, act in a cringing way
dukeact the duke, play the part of a duke
dullblunt, reduce the activity of
dulldead, lifeless, sluggish, inactive
dullness, dulnesslethargy, sluggishness, inactivity
dup[contraction of ‘do up’] open
dutyact of loyalty, expression of homage
e'enjust, exactly
effectbenefit, advantage [resulting from an action]
effectualeffective, actual, with full effect
effectuallyin effect, in fact, in reality
empiricmedical quack, untrained practitioner
enactbring about, accomplish, perform
enactpurpose, resolve, resolution
enactdecree, ordain, enter in the records
enactureperformance, fulfilment, execution
encounterconversational interaction, discourse style
enforcegain by force, exact
enforceact upon by force
engrossmentstockpiling, accumulation, collecting activity
enjoyindulge, give rein to, continue to practise
enlargementfreedom of action, privilege of choice
ennactorperformance, fulfilment, execution
entertainmaintain, keep up, practise
enticingacting as a decoy, seductive
entreatmentinteraction, exchange, discourse
epitomeminiature, abridgement, abstract
equalprecise, exact, just
espouseunite (in marriage), contract
essentiallyin fact, really, deep down
evenjust, exactly
evenreal, exact, precise
exactenforce payment, take taxes
exactaccomplished, highly skilled, expert
exactionextortionate taxation, exorbitant demand
exactionexacting, enforcement
exactlycompletely, totally, entirely
exactlyexpressly, with great propriety
exampleact as a precedent for
executeimplement, activate, bring into operation
executionaction, performance, doing
executionsatisfaction, accomplishment
exercisemanly sport, martial practice
exercisereligious practice, spiritual observance
exerciseskilful practice, facility
exerciseengage in manly sports, practise the martial arts
exercisehabitual activity, usual occupation, employment
exercisework, practise, perform [a function]
exhaustdraw out, elicit, extract
exionidiosyncratic form of ‘action’
expeditionhaste, speedy action, prompt dispatch
exploitact, deed, enterprise
exploitmilitary action, martial undertaking
expresswell-formed, well-designed, exact
extend[unclear meaning] react to; evaluate; enlarge in scope
extortextract with force, wring out
extractingdistracting, preoccupying, disconcerting
extraughtdescended, derived, extracted
factevil deed, wicked act, crime
factin the act, red-handed
factioninsult, dissension, abuse
factionparty, group, set [of people]
factionquarrel, squabble, dissension
factionforming into a group
factionaryactivist, partisan, champion
factioussectarian, partisan, arising from factions
factiousrebellious, seditious
factiousready to form a faction
factoragent, representative, broker
fair-facedattractive, appealing, presenting a good prospect
fair-playchivalrous action, honourable conduct
famereputation, renown, character
fashionobservance, style, latest practice
fashiontitle, name, character
favourcharm, attractiveness, gracefulness
feat[wicked] deed, action, crime
feataction, deed, conduct
feelreact to, be affected by
fellowpractitioner, specialist, expert
fierceardent, active, vigorous
figurerole, part, character
finesensitive, responsive, reactive
fine[legal] fee, contracted amount
fine-baitedfull of attractive temptations, enticingly baited
fitbe fit, be in satisfactory condition
fitmentfitting action, duty, what is called for
flatteringsuperficially attractive, appealing, enticing
fleetswift, nimble, active
followact as a follower, be an attendant [on]
foragementforaging act, scavenging
foulplain-looking, unattractive, ugly
foulnessplainness, unattractiveness
fractionfragment, scrap, shred
fractionquarrelling, discord, dissension
frenzydistraction, agitation, delirium
friendshipfriendly act, favour, act of kindness
friskinantic, friskiness, playful action
fulfillingfitting exactly, well-complementing
functionactivity, action, performance
furnishingdecoration, surface factor, window-dressing
gagepledge, contract, stake
gamehunting practice, sporting routine
glancetouch, have an impact
goodamenable, tractable, manageable
goodlygood-looking, handsome, attractive, comely
gossipact as a godparent, be a sponsor
graciousgraceful, elegant, attractive
groomfellow, character, creature
guiseway, custom, practice
Guy, Sirlegendary hero of Warwick, whose last great act was to kill the giant Colbrand
hacontracted form of ‘have’
habitroutine, settled practice, regular behaviour
habitudecharacter, disposition, temperament
haircharacter, nature, kind
hairin every little detail, in full, exactly
hand-fastmarriage contract, betrothal
handsomelybeautifully, elegantly, attractively
hard-favouredugly, unattractive, unsightly, hideous
headact without restraint, make a rush forward
hearkenhanker for, be attracted to
hearkendesire, be attracted to
heraldmessage-bearing, acting as a herald
heroicalappropriate to the character of a hero
Hiren[pron: 'hiyren] character (thought to be of a seductress) in a lost play by George Peele
holding-anchor[nautical] largest anchor; most stabilizing factor
homageact of homage, acknowledgement of allegiance
homelyplain-looking, unattractive, ugly
hotactive, vigorous
humsay ‘hum’ [as a sign of displeasure, dissatisfaction, impatience, etc]
hurrycommotion, excitement, activity
idleempty, unoccupied, inactive
idleinactive, unmoving, inert
ill-favouredugly, unattractive, unsightly
ill-favouredlywith plain features, unattractively
impeachdisparagement, reproach [to], detraction [from]
imperfectfaulty, lacking in character
inchvery closely, instantly ready [to act]
inclinationcharacter, temperament, disposition
incliningparty, following, faction
indenturecontract, agreement
indifferencyordinariness, average character
indirectiondevious means, malpractice
indirectlyinattentively, distractedly, away from the point
individableindivisible [with no changes in the location of action]; or: unclassifiable
infusionnatural characteristic, tincture, liquid extract
ingratitudeact of ingratitude, ungrateful response
Iniquitycomic character representing vice in morality plays
institutioncustom, usage, practice
instructionbasis in fact, knowledge, information
intelligencingspying, acting as go-between
ipso factoby itself
issueaction, deed, proceeding
JackJack o'lantern, trickster, practical joker
jestmake believe, act, play parts
jestplay a practical joke
journeymanemployed craftsman, contracted artisan
judgementdiscretion, good sense, tact
jumpexactly, precisely
justexactly, precisely
justaccurate, exact, precise
justlyexactly, precisely, closely
kickshawtrifle, triviality, worthless distraction
kindshowing natural feeling, acting by nature
kindnature, reality, character, disposition
kindmode of action, business, matter
kindnesskind act, fond display
kindredmatching character, resemblance [to one another]
kneadedcompressed, compacted, moulded
lameunsatisfactory, mediocre, faulty
landtract of land, plot
lastlast thing to be done, final action
laybring into action, put to work
leaguecompact, alliance, treaty, bond of friendship
letterpractise alliteration
libertyunrestrained act, improper licence, reckless freedom
licenceauthority to act, freedom of action
likinglustful affection, sexual attraction
lineconduct, way of behaving, course of action
lineamentline, feature, characteristic, attribute
lingeringlong-drawn-out, protracted, lengthy
livebe active, live on, make a home
looklook on, act like a spectator
lovebe friend to, be attractive to
loveact of kindness, affectionate deed
love-featact of courtship, exploit prompted by love
makejoin in the action, take part
malefactionevil-doing, criminal act
malignancyevil influence, inauspicious character
man[falconry] tame, make tractable
manent[Latin] they remain: some characters remain on stage
manner(plural) morals, character, way of behaving
mannercharacter, nature, quality
manner[legal] act, work, deed
matchbargain, contract, agreement
meanintend, purpose, mean to act
mean(plural) obstacles, intervening factors
measurecourse of action, means
meedgift, service, benefaction
merchantfellow, character, lad
mimicburlesque actor, performer, thespian
mindcharacter, disposition, spirit
ministeract, govern, officiate
misbecominglyunbecomingly, unattractively, unfittingly
mischiefwicked action, evil deed, harmful scheme
mistakeact in error, perform the wrong action
mockact of mockery, mocking remark, derisive action, scornful irony
mopeact aimlessly, be in a daze, wander about
moreoveras well as the fact, besides the fact
mortalhuman, subject to death, characterized by mortality
mortgagepledge, contract, bind
motionpower to act normally, reaction, faculties
motionact of moving, movement, stirring
mouldnature, frame, character
moveractive fellow, operator
mummeractor in a dumb-show
muteactor with no words to say, silent spectator
naturepersonality, innate disposition, character
negligentthrough neglecting to act, due to negligence
new-fangledfond of novelty, distracted by new things
niggardinghoarding, begrudging, acting in a mean manner
nightlyof the night, active at night
night-rulenight-time activity, nocturnal diversion
notaryclerk authorized to draw up contracts
notecharacteristic, trait, distinctive feature
obedienceobeisance, act of submission
obligedcontracted, bound by marriage
observationobservance, rite, customary practice
occasionoccurrence, action, manifestation
offence[in fencing] attacking stroke, offensive action
officecarry out the work for, act as servants to
oldexperienced, practised, skilled
onsetmake a beginning with, start acting on
operanceoperation, action, activity
operantactive, vital, potent, functioning
operationplan, active thought, working idea
opinionreputation, character, honour
orderprescribed practice, normal procedure
ordinanceusage, practice, course
ortscrap, fragment, fraction
outwardacting as an external observer, looking from outside
overlustytoo vigorous, over-active
packedin league, acting as an accomplice
pactioncompact, agreement, treaty
pandergratify, act as a sexual go-between for
Parisyoungest son of Priam and Hecuba; he stole Helen away from her Greek husband, Menelaus, causing the Trojan wars; character in Troilus and Cressida
partaction, conduct, behaviour
partyside, faction, camp
pass[unclear meaning] trespass; course of action; trickery
passtransact, complete, carry through
patprecisely, just, exactly
pathway, course of action
patternbe a pattern for, act as a precedent for
pearlcataract [in the eye]
penaltypunishable offence, criminal act
perfectin a state of complete satisfaction, totally content
perplexedbewildered, distracted, disoriented
pickextract, make out, detect
piednessdiverse colouring, multi-coloured character
pindisease of the eye, cataract
pluckextract, snatch, pull out
pointexactly, completely, to the letter
poiseforceful impact, heavy blow
PomfretPontefract, West Yorkshire; site of a castle in which Richard II was imprisoned; later, a Lancastrian stronghold
possessionactual holding, real ownership, immediate possession
possibilitywithin the bounds of possibility, realistically, practically
powerexercise of power, authoritative action
powersfaculties, abilities to act
practicpractical, pragmatic, down-to-earth
practicedoings, proceedings, dealings
practicescheme, plot, stratagem, intrigue
practicetrickery, treachery
practicecarrying out, performance, execution [of a plot]
practiceoccupation, profession, line of work
practisantconspirator, plotter, intriguer
practiseplot, scheme, conspire
practisetry to seduce, carry on with
practiseengage in, carry on, take up
practisework upon, act craftily with, make to operate
practiseplot against
practisecopy, emulate, carry out
practiseput to use, employ
practisedstudied, well-versed, accomplished
prankmalicious act, wicked deed
pray in aid[legal] claim the assistance of someone who has a shared interest in a defence action
precious-princelylike the precious character of a prince
pre-contractpre-nuptial agreement
prepareddrawn, ready for action
presentput forward [for immediate action]
presentact, represent, play the part of
prevailmentprevailing action, power, influence
preventtake steps to thwart, avoid by prompt action
preventionforestalling action, preventive measure
primyin its prime, at its most active
princebehave like a prince, act royally
principalperson chiefly responsible, leading practitioner
proceeding(plural) conduct, behaviour, actions
proceedingcourse of action, measures
professpractise, pursue, claim knowledge of
prolixioustime-wasting, tedious, protracted
promptedeagerly ready, urged on to act
proofexperience, actual practice, tried knowledge
propercharacteristic, typical, normal
propertyquality, character, nature
propertyfeature, characteristic, particular respect
proprietyproper character, real identity
protectact as escort for, be custodian of
protractdelay, defer, put off, defer
protractiveprotracted, interminable, long-drawn-out
purposeintend to do, resolve to act
pushclimactic moment, critical time
putdisconcert, distract, make one forget one's lines
quaintpretty, attractive, lovely
qualificationtrue condition, character, nature
qualitynature, disposition, character
qualitycharacteristic, feature, property
quarrelobject to, take exception to, refuse to practise
queenact as a queen, aspire to being a queen
quickvigorous, quick-acting, energetic
quintainheavy post used as a mark for tilting practice
quivernimble, quick, active
rankgrowing in abundance, excessively luxuriant [often unattractively]
rarenessexceptional character, rarity
rashsudden, quickly acting, operating immediately
readyeager, willing, ready to act
rearwardrearguard action
reasonreasonable treatment, justified course of action
recanterone who retracts, party of withdrawal
recantingcausing an action to be retracted, resulting in withdrawal
refractoryrebellious, obstinate, umanageable
regardconsideration, respect, factor
repinebe discontented, complain, feel dissatisfaction
resolutedesperado, determined character
respectconsideration, factor, circumstance
returnresponse, reaction, repayment
revoltrebellion, act of disobedience
rightgive one satisfaction
RIngwoodone of Actaeon's dogs; traditional name of an English hound
ripematured, ready for action
rivalact as a rival, compete
roguishcharacteristic of vagabonds, wild
Roscius[pron: 'rosius] most famous actor of ancient Rome, 2nd-c BC
royalizemake royal, invest with a majestic character
royaltyregal quality, majestic character, lordliness
rudenessviolent action, forceful strength
Ruffiancharacter of a fiend in morality plays
scontracted form of ‘us’
scontracted form of ‘his’
scontracted form of ‘this’
scontracted form of ‘shall’
safetyprudent course of action, best safeguard
saintedsaintly, angelic, of holy character
saluteaffect, act upon, excite
saluteapproach, greet, make contact with
satietywearisome gratification, tedious satisfaction
satisfactionrecompense, compensation, atonement
satisfactionpayment [of a debt]
satisfactionremoval of doubt, resolved state of mind
savourflavour, nature, character
scattereddisunited, distracted, divided
schoolinstruct how to act, teach a part to
scopeopportunity, liberty, free course of action
scornmockery, taunt, insult, act of derision
sealing dayday for confirming a contract, wedding-day
secondsupporting action, act of assistance
sectfaction, cabal, party
seednessaction of sowing
selfsame, selfsame, identical, exact
self-mettleone's own vigorous activity
serviceaction, performance
setset an activity to be followed
shallownaive, gullible, lacking in depth of character
shiftstratagem, tactics, way
shootshot, act of shooting
shufflebehave evasively, act shiftily
sisteringacting like a sister; matching, corresponding
skipjump into action, spring up
slackreduce to inactivity, quieten down
smackshow the characteristics, savour the taste
soon-speedingquick-acting, rapidly working
sparepractise economy in, be niggardly about
specialtysealed contract, special agreement
spirit(plural) sentiments, faculties, traits of character
spragpronunciation of ‘sprack’: smart, active, alert
sprightingactivities as a spirit
spritingactivities as a spirit
squareaccurately, exactly, with great precision
standact as, be, hold good as
standpractise, give (oneself) over to
startoutburst, eruption, fit, reaction
startstarting up, immediate reaction, sudden movement
startingstartle reaction, flinching, recoiling
statute-capwoollen cap ordered (by an Act of 1571) to be worn on Sundays and holy days by all below a certain social rank
stealthstealing away, furtive journey, clandestine act
stepaction, movement, coming and going
stirevent, happening, activity
stiracting, stirring, activity
stirringbusy, bustling, active
storypractical joke, theme for mockery
stoutnessobstinacy, stubbornness, intractability
strainquality, character, disposition
stratagemsoldierly action, well commanded engagement
stratagemdeed of violence, bloody act
straylead astray, distract, cause to wander
strokefirst blow, initial action
stubborndifficult, demanding, exacting
stubbornstiff, intractable, unyielding
studiedexperienced, skilled, practised
sub-contractedalready betrothed, engaged a second time
substractordetractor, slanderer, calumniator
successionfuture [occupation as actors]
successionbehaving in the same way, following the same course of action
suepay court, act as a suitor
sugaredsweetly tempting, outwardly attractive
suitact in accordance with, conform to
sunburntof dark complexion, not fair-skinned [and therefore unattractive]
supposepresume to be true, believe to be a fact
suretygo bail for, act as a guarantor for
suretycertainty, fact
swearingact of swearing, moment of oath-taking
sweetattractive, pleasing, appealing
taketake away, detract, lessen
takebehave, act; or: rage, rant
tamepetty, decoy [attracting people into a card game]
tasteact as taster, make trial [as if by taste]
tempermould, shape, work, bring [to a particular character]
termany of four periods of activity within the legal year [Michaelmas, Hilary, Easter, Trinity]
Termagantnoisy and overbearing character in mystery plays
themereason for acting, ground of belief
thick-ribbeddensely surrounded, compacted
thought-executingacting as fast as thought; or: thought-destroying
thrivingsuccessful, satisfactory, auspicious
tirebe exercised, be actively engaged
toazetease, get out, extract
tolllevy a toll, exact a payment
toothdrawertooth-extractor, dentist
touchfactor, reason, motive
touchact, action, deed
tractcourse, process, track
tractcontinuance, duration, course of events
tracttrace, trail, evidence of passage
tractablecompliant, manageable, governable
tradecourse of action, practice
tradedpractised, expert, experienced
tragedianactor, strolling player [not only of tragedy]
trialaction of testing, putting to the proof
trickhabit, characteristic, typical behaviour
trickpractice, custom, current fashion
troth-plightengagement, act of betrothal
truantnegligent student, remiss practitioner, absentee
truecorrect, accurate, exact
truthabstract principle, general rule
turnact, action, deed
unactiveinactive, slothful, sluggish
unbodiedabstract, conceptual, formless
unbreathedunpractised, inexperienced, inexpert
unexecutedunused, idle, out of action
unfirmunstable, not compact, of loose consistency
unjustinaccurate, incorrect, inexact
unlimitedallowing changes in the location of action; or: all-inclusive
unnaturallyillegitimately, against normal practice
unpangedundistracted by pain, untormented
unpractisedinexperienced, naive, innocent
unsatisfiedpeople unaware of the facts
unsaytake back, withdraw, retract
unspeakretract, renounce, take back
unswearabjure, retract, repudiate
upin a state of forceful action, exerting power
upexactly, completely, in every respect
upholdmaintain, sustain, keep intact
useusual practice, habit, custom
useactivity, practice, enterprise
usemake use of, engage [in], practise [with]
usuryway of dealing with money, financial practice
vaingloryshowy event, ostentatious activity
Vanitycharacter of pride in morality plays
venerealdisplaying the character of Venus, associated with sexual desire
venterrun a risk, take a chance, dare to act
venturerun a risk, take a chance, dare to act
veritytruth, reality, actuality
vice(usually capitalized) buffoon, stage jester; a character representing vice in morality plays
vicegerentofficial acting in place of a ruler during his absence
vile-drawingattracting towards evil
villainyshaming practice, discrediting activity
virtuousarising from virtuous practice, justifiable, well-warranted
warrantact as a pledge for, give an assurance about
watchkeep in view, catch in the act
waybest path, course of action
web and the pindisease of the eye, cataract
wellfine, all right, satisfactory
well-compactwell-formed, nicely put together
well-favouredgood-looking, attractive in appearance
well-seemingattractively looking, presenting a plausible appearance
wholeunbroken, sound, intact
whoremasterlylecherous, having the character of a whoremaster
wildernesswildness of character, licentiousness
wildnessmadness, distraction, frenzy
willemotion, distractedness, agitation
windprepare for action, set in readiness
witchingwitchcraft-practising, spell-casting
wontcustom, habit, practice
workact upon, continue with
workact, behave, conduct oneself
workpractise, proceed, plot
workaffect, stir, act upon
workpractise on, work upon, act on
workdeed, doing, action
workactivate, galvanize, make work
workingoperation, action, activity
wrongwrong course of action


 798 result(s).
ability to actpowers
abstract principletruth
accomplice, acting as anpacked
accordance, act insuit
act aimlesslymope
act along withanswer
act asstand
act as a followerfollow
act onwork
act outact
act the dukeduke
act uponwork
act uponwork
act uponsalute
act upon by forceenforce
act, abilities topowers
act, dare toventure
act, in thefact
act, instruct how to school
acting as fast as thoughtthought-executing
acting, process ofacture
action one is capable ofability
action, allowing changes in locationunlimited
action, bring intolay
action, choice ofdilemma
action, course ofmeasure
action, course ofproceeding
action, finallast
action, force intoawake
action, freedom ofenlargement
action, freedom oflicence
action, ina-work
action, initialstroke
action, intoabout
action, militaryexploit
action, out ofunexecuted
action, perform the wrongmistake
action, period ofday
action, prepared forcharge
action, ready forprepared
action, ready forripe
action, stirred toalarumed
action, successfulachievement
action, supportingsecond
action, taking legalaction-taking
actions, won bydeed-achieving
activate promptlyclap
active at nightnightly
active employmentbreathing
active fellowmover
active thoughtoperation
active, at its mostprimy
active, beadvance
active, belive
active, makebestir
actively engaged, betire
activity to be followed, set an set
activity, night-timenight-rule
activity, ostentatiousvainglory
activity, reducedull
activity, skilfulcraft
activity, specificactual
actor in a dumb-showmummer
actor with no words to saymute
actor, burlesquemimic
advocate, acting asattorneyed
aimlessly, actmope
alliteration, practiseletter
ally, acting as anconfederate
amount, contractedfine
answer satisfactorilyanswer
appearance, attractive inwell-favoured
application, practicalart
appropriate charactercolour
artificial practiceaffect
artisan, contractedjourneyman
assistance, act ofsecond
attracted, behearken
attracted, behearken
attracting towards evilvile-drawing
attraction, sexualliking
attractive in appearancewell-favoured
attractive temptations, full offine-baited
attractive to, belove
attractive, outwardlysugared
attractive, superficiallyflattering
attractively lookingwell-seeming
authoritative actionpower
authority to actlicence
average characterindifferency
avoid by prompt actionprevent
basis in factinstruction
befitting actionbecoming
believe to be a factsuppose
besides the factmoreover
betrothal, act oftroth-plight
bloody actstratagem
boastfully, actbrave
boy-actor level, reduce to aboy
bring into actionlay
broker, acting as abroking
burlesque actormimic
capable actionability
cataract [eye]web and the pin
cataract [eye]pearl
catch in the actwatch
change characterdiffer
character [in a ballad]Peg-a-Ramsey
character [in a play]clown
character [in a play]chorus
character [in a play]vice
character [in a play]Sycorax
character [in a play]Termagant
character [in a play]Basilisco
character [in a play]Ruffian
character [in a play]Vanity
character [in a play]Cressid, Cressida
character [in a play]Iniquity
character [in a play]Pandarus
character [in a play]Paris
character [in a play]Timon
character [in a play]Hiren
character [in a play]Calipolis
character [in a play]Cambyses
character [in a poem]Grissel
character [in a poem]Florentius
character [in a poem]Laura
character of, have theappear
character traitsspirit
character transformationconversion
character, appropriatecolour
character, averageindifferency
character, changediffer
character, determinedresolute
character, exceptionalrareness
character, finestbest-conditioned
character, inauspiciousmalignancy
character, lacking inimperfect
character, lacking in depth ofshallow
character, majesticroyalty
character, matchingkindred
character, naturalbirth
character, of holysainted
character, properpropriety
character, undoubtedapproof
character, wildness ofwilderness
characteristic, naturalinfusion
characteristics, show thesmack
charity, act ofalms-deed
charms, acting ascharming
charms, acting ascharming
chivalrous actionfair-play
choice of actiondilemma
clandestine actstealth
clerk authorized to draw up contractsnotary
climactic momentpush
close [action]clutch
close [action]conclude
close [action]closure
close [action]nigh
close [action]make
close [action]set
close [action]stop
collecting activityengrossment
comic character, lowclown
compact, notunfirm
comparing, act ofcomparison
concert, acting incoactive
contact, come intocope
contact, makeconjoin
contact, makesalute
continue to practiseenjoy
contract, day for confirming asealing day
contract, marriageaffiance
contract, marriagecontraction
contract, marriagecontracting
contract, marriagehand-fast
contract, sealedspecialty
contracted amountfine
contracted artisanjourneyman
contracts, clerk who draws upnotary
conversational interactionencounter
corrupt practiceabuse
course of actionaction
course of actioncarriage
course of actioncourse
course of actiondirection
course of actionmeasure
course of actiontrade
course of actionpass
course of actionway
course of actionpath
course of actionproceeding
course of actionline
course of action, freescope
course of action, justifiedreason
course of action, samesuccession
course of action, wrongwrong
courteous respect, act ofcurtsy, curtsey
courtship, act oflove-feat
craftily, actcraft
craftily, actpractise
criminal actpenalty
criminal actmalefaction
cringing way, act in aduck
cuckold, with the character of a cuckoldly
customary practiceobservation
dare to actventure
date, due [for the end of a contract]date
day, agreed [for the end of a contract]date
decoy, acting as aenticing
deferential actioncurtsy, curtsey
defiant characterbravery
delaying tactics, set ofdelay
derision, act ofscorn
derisive actionmock
destruction, act ofdefeat
determined characterresolute
discrediting activityvillainy
disgraceful actiondishonesty
disobedience, act ofrevolt
dissatisfaction [expression of]hum
dissatisfaction, feelrepine
dissatisfaction, feeling ofdiscontent
distinguishing, act ofdistinction
distracted by new thingsnew-fangled
distraction, worthlesskickshaw
duke, act theduke
dumb-show actormummer
economy, practisespare
employment, activebreathing
enemies, joint action ascontestation
engaged, be activelytire
error, act inmistake
escort, act asprotect
evil, attracting towardsvile-drawing
exactly fittingfulfilling
exceptional characterrareness
external observer, acting as anoutward
extract with forceextort
extract, liquidinfusion
fact, basis ininstruction
fact, believe to besuppose
fact, besides themoreover
fact, inessentially
fact, ineffectually
fact, inescapablecertainty
faction, arising fromfactious
faction, ready to form afactious
factory, sweetmeatconfectionary
facts, people unaware of theunsatisfied
feed to a satisfactory leveldiet
feel dissatisfactionrepine
feeling of dissatisfactiondiscontent
fellow, activemover
final actionlast
financial practiceusury
finest character, ofbest-conditioned
fitting actionfitment
fitting exactlyfulfilling
follower, act as afollow
foraging actforagement
force, extract withextort
forceful action, in a state ofup
forceful impactpoise
forestalling actionprevention
free course of actionscope
freedom of actionenlargement
freedom of actionlicence
friendly actfriendship
friskily, act [of a horse]curvet
go-between, act as a sexualpander
go-between, acting asintelligencing
godparent, act as agossip
guarantor, act as asurety
habitual activityexercise
heavy post used as a mark for tilting practicequintain
herald, acting as aherald
hero, appropriate to the character ofheroical
holding, actualpossession
holy character, ofsainted
homage, act ofhomage
housewife, man acting thecot-quean
hunting practicegame
immediate reactionstart
impact, forcefulpoise
impact, have anglance
inactivitydullness, dulness
inactivity, reduce toslack
inauspicious charactermalignancy
inescapable factcertainty
ingratitude, act ofingratitude
initial actionstroke
instruct how to actschool
intact, keepuphold
interaction, conversationalencounter
interaction, socialconversation
intervening factorsmean
join in the actionmake
joint action as enemiescontestation
joke, play a practicaljest
joke, practicalstory
joker, practicalJack
jump into actionskip
justified course of actionreason
keep intactuphold
kind actkindness
kindness, act ofbounty
kindness, act oflove
kindness, act offriendship
king, official acting for an absentcommissioner
knowledge, tacticaldirection
land, tract ofland
latest practicefashion
leading practitionerprincipal
legal actioncause
legal action, takingaction-taking
legal practiceattorneyship
liquid extractinfusion
lowly activitybaseness
loyalty, act ofduty
majestic characterroyalty
majestic character, invest with aroyalize
malicious actprank
man acting the housewifecot-quean
marriage contractaffiance
marriage contractcontraction
marriage contractcontracting
marriage contracthand-fast
martial arts, practise theexercise
martial practiceexercise
matching characterkindred
mean manner, acting in aniggarding
mean to actmean
medical practitionerartist
meritorious actalms
meritorious actdesert, desart
military actionaction
military actionexploit
mockery, act ofmock
mode of actionkind
moment, climacticpush
mortality, characterized bymortal
multi-coloured characterpiedness
natural characterbirth
natural characteristicinfusion
nature, acting bykind
neglecting to actnegligent
new things, distracted bynew-fangled
night-time activitynight-rule
nodding [to action]becking
normal practice, againstunnaturally
notice of, attractcatch
observer, acting as an externaloutward
offensive action [in fencing]offence
office, acting as a symbol ofdeputed
official acting for the king in his absencecommissioner
official acting in place of a ruler during his absencevicegerent
ostentatious activityvainglory
pain, undistracted by unpanged
payment, exact atoll
perform the wrong actionmistake
period of actionday
play a practical jokejest
playful actionfriskin
pledge, act as awarrant
poise to actaddress
post, heavy [in tilting practice]quintain
power to act normallymotion
practical applicationart
practice, actualproof
practice, against normalunnaturally
practice, corruptabuse
practice, customaryobservation
practice, customaryobservation
practice, huntinggame
practice, latestfashion
practice, legalattorneyship
practice, martialexercise
practice, prescribedorder
practice, religiousexercise
practice, settledhabit
practice, shamingvillainy
practice, skilfulexercise
practice, usualcustom
practice, usualuse
practise alliterationletter
practise economyspare
practise in an artificial wayaffect
practise onwork
practise the martial artsexercise
practise, continue toenjoy
practitioner, leadingprincipal
practitioner, remisstruant
precedent, act as aexample
precedent, act as apattern
precious character of a prince, like theprecious-princely
prepare for actionarm
prepare for actionwind
prepared for actioncharge
prescribed practiceorder
present [action]advance
present [action]bear
present [action]become
present [action]commend
present [action]tender
present [action]urge
present [action]tender
present [action]carry
present [action]draw
present [action]dare
present [action]prefer
present [action]oppose
present [action]prefer
present [action]use
present [action]deliver
present [action]define
present [action]project
present [action]lay
prevailing actionprevailment
prince, like the precious character of aprecious-princely
principle, abstracttruth
prompt actionclap
prompt action, avoid byprevent
proper characterpropriety
prudent course of actionsafety
put forward [for immediate action]present
queen, act as aqueen
quickly actingrash
reaction, immediatestart
reaction, startlestarting
ready for actionprepared
ready for actionripe
ready to actready
ready to form a factionfactious
rearguard actionrearward
reason for actingtheme
recorded factcharacter
reduce activitydull
reduce to inactivityslack
refuse to practisequarrel
religious practiceexercise
remiss practitionertruant
resolve to actpurpose
respect, act ofcurtsy, curtsey
restraint, act withouthead
retracting an actionrecanting
retracts, one whorecanter
rival, act as arival
royally, actprince
ruler, official acting in place of an absentvicegerent
safeguard, acting as acareful
same course of actionsuccession
satisfaction, exclamation ofcontent
satisfaction, giveright
satisfaction, in a state of completeperfect
satisfaction, tedioussatiety
satisfactory answeranswer
satisfactory condition, be infit
sealed contractspecialty
servants, act asoffice
set an activity to be followedset
settled practicehabit
sexual attractionliking
sexual go-between, act as apander
shameful actabomination, abhomination
shaming practicevillainy
shiftily, actshuffle
shooting, act ofshoot
show the characteristicssmack
sister, acting like asistering
skilful activitycraft
skilful practiceexercise
social interactionconversation
soldierly actionstratagem
sowing, action ofseedness
spectator, act like alook
speedy actionbriefness
speedy actionexpedition
spirit, activities as asprighting
spirit, activities as aspriting
stabilizing factor, most [nautical]holding-anchor
start acting ononset
startle reactionstarting
state of complete satisfaction, in aperfect
state of forceful action, in aup
stirred to actionalarumed
submission, act ofobedience
successful actionachievement
suitor, act as asue
superficially attractiveflattering
supporting actionsecond
surface factorfurnishing
swearing, act ofswearing
sweetmeat factoryconfectionary
tactical knowledgedirection
taster, act astaste
tedious satisfactionsatiety
temptations, full of attractivefine-baited
tensioned for actionbent
testing, action oftrial
thought, activeoperation
tilting practice, heavy post used as a mark forquintain
tractable, make [in falconry]man
transformation, characterconversion
unaware of the facts, peopleunsatisfied
undignified, actderogate
undistracted by painunpanged
undoubted characterapproof
unrestrained actliberty
untrained practitionerempiric
usual practicecustom
usual practiceuse
vagabonds, characteristic ofroguish
vice, character ofvice
vigorous activity, one's ownself-mettle
violent actionrudeness
wasteful activitydalliance
whoremaster, having the character of awhoremasterly
wicked actfact
wicked actionmischief
wildness of characterwilderness
woman, unattractive dowdy
won by actionsdeed-achieving
worthless distractionkickshaw
wrong action, perform themistake
wrong course of actionwrong

Themes and Topics

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Clothing... m, f woollen cap ordered (by an act of 1571) to be worn on sundays and holy...
..., especially as worn by comic stage charact ers petticoat ayl ii...
Functional shift...g everyday notions, or of avoiding abstract locutions, as when lip a wanton replace...
...’. it is very unusual to find an abstract noun converted to a verb, though a few ...
... into’, ‘treat ... as’, ‘use ... for’, ‘act as...’, and suchlike: for example, she ...
... ts iii.ii.250 shall sweet bianca pract ise how to bride it?   child k...
...ain * in sense of ‘put ashore’ abstract notions item location example ...
Regrets...eath (rj iii.ii.37,ff) and gertrude’s react ion to ophelia’s madness (ham iv.v.27,ff...
...hose? ay me ham iii.iv.52 ay me, what act ’lack cym iv.ii.374 ’lack, good youth...
Swearing... of expurgators during the period. the ‘act to restrain abuses of players’ of 1606 ...
...hiefly a reflection of the range of charact ers in the plays - lords and peasants, o...
Non-classical legend, romance, and folklore...ndary hero of warwick, whose last great act was to kill the giant colbrand nine ...
...d amazonian queen of the amazons; charact er in two noble kinsman; see also amazon...
...ou! witch, and mother of caliban, charact er in the tempest zenelophon lll...
Abbreviations...though that my death were adjunct to my act ... i would do it in other words: the s...
...s where the selected quotation does not act ually contain a preposition, but the def...
...otation, we need to indicate when a charact er is the only person on stage. tem v.i...
...otation, we need to indicate when a charact er is speaking to himself/herself while ...
...s followed by i.e., the following words act as a paraphrase of all or part of the q...

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
ACTBASICact n, act v, acting n, action n, active adj, actively adv, activity n, actual adj, acture n
ACTENACTenact v, enacture n
ACTSTATEaction-taking adj, active-valiant adj
ACTTOGETHERcoactive adj
ACTNOTunacted adj, unactive adj
TAKEACTIONaction-taking adj
VALIANTACTIONactive-valiant adj